Dear Non-Air Conditioned Dorms,

I loathe everything about you. I mean really, as if being transplanted from a queen sized bed to a tiny twin-XL isn't hard enough, you need to make it so that it is physically impossible to get cozy under the covers without risking heat stroke.

No, instead I must spend painstaking time and effort trying to fall asleep ON TOP of the comforter I spent months choosing because it looked so cozy.

And I can't don't even think about trying to do homework in the room. Math and psychology and tests and essays mean nothing when I am reduced to trying to position my fan in the exact right position where it cools me down but doesn't blow away the pages of my textbook (pro tip: it simply does not exist).

And honestly, I might as well just not even shower at all until it cools down because you make it so that the second I re-enter my dorm I instantly start sweating again.

Frankly, it's rude.

And don't even think about trying to re-wear clothes. The speed and intensity with which my clothing gets sweat stained just SITTING on my bed can only be equated to if I went on a hiking expedition through the Sahara Desert.

Even when my room is filled with more fans than a One Direction concert there is still no escape from the sticky, muggy, scorching, sweaty, boiling, sweltering hot room.

So, Non-Air Conditioned Dorms, I loathe all you have to offer. Here's to hoping our time together is few and far between.