Opening Your Heart Will Invite New Friendships

Open Your Heart To New Friendships

Build a community full of love and support by opening yourself up to new people.


You're never too old to make a new friend and you should never stop trying to make friends because you think you have enough already.

Friends have the ability to transform our lives into something we could have never imagined.

They love us for exactly who we are and that's a special thing because unlike our family, they don't have to.

Friends are the people we want to go on wild adventures with because they remind us that life is short so we should have fun.

Remember not every friend in your life has to be your best friend, but you'll find your life is more enjoyable when you're surrounded by friends.

It's become somewhat unpopular to have many friends, but I think we should change that.

In college especially, we are exposed to so many people so why not take the chance to get to know some of them?

Every time you leave your house is an opportunity to meet someone new. You never know whose life you could end up touching, or who could touch yours.

If you walk around life being closed off and uninterested in anyone that isn't already your friend you'll miss out on so many amazing connections.

My sorority has taught me to open my heart to all kind of people, both within my sorority and without.

In a sorority, everyone has the same core values, yet at the same time, everyone is so different.

We come from different places and we're interested in different things, but we don't treat our differences as walls separating us, we look at them as qualities that make our organization stronger.

This idea has encouraged me to seek friendships with people I never imagined I'd get along with.

I've found I live a life full of love and support since I started opening my heart and my mind to people of all kinds.

So the next time you're in class waiting for a lecture to start, strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you because there's always room in your heart for a new friend.

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5 Musts For When You Stay At Your S.O.'s Dorm

Sleepovers are fun, must rules are a must.


Spending the night with your significant other is one of the best parts about finally getting to college. You finally are given the freedom to sleep in the same bed all night and wake up in the morning to little kisses. Staying over at your significant other's place does come with many challenges of its own though. The slept in makeup, the lack of clothes for the next day, roommates, and overstayed welcomes all are realities of sleeping over at your significant others dorm.

Spending the night in college can be a difficult road to navigate and it's even more difficult when there are multiple roommates involved. No matter how many times you have likely spent the night with your significant other, you're sure to face some challenges of proper sleepover etiquette. These are a few of the rules of college sleepovers that should probably be followed in order to keep your significant other happy, roommates happy, and to get the most out of your sleepovers.

1. Their space is their space, as well as their roommates' 

Just like you wouldn't go to someone's house and take all of their stuff, you probably shouldn't do this in your significant other's dorm. Taking all of their food, or their roommates' food is not cool. Respect their space just like you would want them to respect yours.

2. Pack smart 

Spending the night with your significant other means loading up your contacts, solution, medication, clothes, pajamas, and the list goes on. Only pack the things that you'll actually need or else you'll be carrying around half of your room all day. And don't forget you can always borrow a comfy t-shirt from your significant other.

3. You still can say "no" if you don't want to do something 

Just because it is their room, you don't have to do anything that you don't want to. Know your own boundaries and be respectful of yourself, your significant other should always understand that.

4. Respect their roommates 

No, you cannot stay over at your significant other's dorm if their roommate says no. It is their room too and it's important to respect how they feel. Your best bet is to be kind and friendly to their roommate, and they'll probably let you stay over more often.

5. Know that you probably won't look like Beyoncé when you wake up 

No one wakes up with perfect hair and the full face of makeup. You should know that and know that your significant other will still love you when you wake up with your hair a mess and bad breath.

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