To my best friends:

It feels like yesterday we were meeting at the lockers before homeroom, getting yelled at for bringing food into school, or pretending to participate in gym class. I can still clearly picture sitting in the arena, throwing our caps in the air, and crying on each other's shoulders. Senior week was our last hoorah and we said our goodbyes that summer as we each went off to different schools.

College began a new chapter in all of our lives. We made new friends, met new people, and our lives began taking over. Our everyday group chats turned into every other day which turned into a couple of times a month. We may not talk as much as we used to since we don't see each other for hours a day like in high school, but just know I haven't forgotten about you. Social media makes it easier to keep up, but I'll always be curious about what you're up to, who the new bae is, drama, how classes are going, how your families are, how life is going in general.

As 2016 begins, we may not always be on the same page, but you'll always be the people that did crazy things with me. You'll always be the first people I turn to when something bad happens in my life. You'll always be my adventure buddies. You'll always be the people that got me through high school and parts of college. You'll always be my number 1's, but most of all you'll always be my best friends.