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Career in Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

The job of an online tutor is a great career option. It includes assisting students to realize their true potential while helping the teachers to have an efficient, flexible and comfortable career. This career has great potential it is has created a revolution in learning.The total market share of online tutoring in the US is $608.1 million and continues to grow. Creating a successful online teaching career is a step by step process. It requires a significant amount of preparation and discipline as working from home requires a higher level of professionalism.Given below is an ultimate guide to making a successful career in online tutoring. If you wish to create a successful career then follow these steps:

1. TAKE A COURSE: Before you start teaching, it will be highly beneficial for you to take an online course so you understand how the process works. Find a good online tutor who is a professional in teaching something that you have always wanted to learn and go ahead.It will be better if you choose to learn something completely new so that you get a better idea of how online tutoring works. Your aim is to learn how to give online classes to students who struggle with a subject. They will either have no or very less understanding of the subject matter.While you are taking a course, make a list of do's and don'ts that you will use while teaching kids. You must be well aware of what works for students to become a good online teacher.

2. BE PROFESSIONAL: It is necessary to understand that even though you will be working from home, this job still requires professionalism. You can be comfortable but make sure that you look well groomed and professional enough to make an impression on students and their parents.Also, ensure that you use a part of your house for work so you don't associate it with leisure and comfort. Your working space might be small but it should have all the important material you require for your classes.Although, most of the study material will be online but keep the important books handy so you can access them whenever you want. Finally, the internet connection must be strong enough to help you stay connected and teach without any interruptions.

3. USE THE STUDY MATERIAL AND TOOLS: The reason why online tutoring stands out better than other options is because of interesting teaching tips, tools like whiteboards, and useful study material.A student could need assistance with homework, textbooks or exam preparation. Ensure that you are using the study material and teaching tools well to engage students and make them learn better.If you joined an online tutoring platform then it's even better because you will be provided with useful material to teach kids. You should just look for more ways to make learning about subject fun. The more fun students have while learning, the more successful and productive your classes will be.

4. MAKE YOUR CLASSES PERSONAL AND ENGAGING: At the time when you are planning your classes make sure that they are custom made according to the needs of students. All students have a different learning style. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to understand and develop that ability.Students should be comfortable when it comes to clarifying their doubts. A thing that should be common for all sessions is that they must be interesting. Empower the students to ask more and more questions while giving them absolute attention. To make this type of interaction possible, you should be an expert in your subject.

5. USE POSITIVE AND FRIENDLY BODY LANGUAGE: Video conferencing with friends is very easy and requires you to lie back comfortably. However, professionally this is not acceptable. Your body language must be professional yet friendly enough for the students to feel comfortable.It plays an important role in increasing the engagement of students. Make sure that your eyes are focused on the student and not on anything else in the frame.You should sit up straight and be interested in everything the student is doing. In case you slouch or seem uninterested then students will lose interest quickly. Students follow your lead. This is why it is important to be as interested as possible.

6. BE AVAILABLE TO HELP AND SUPPORT STUDENTS: After you have created a strong base of students who are interested in taking classes from you, try to be available when they need you. Often this time can be late at night when they are busy preparing for exams or completing their homework.If you teach globally then you might have students from varied time zones. Although, this does not mean that you don't respect your own time but you must try to be available for students as much as you can to become a successful teacher.

7. BE PATIENT AND DEVELOP SLOWLY: The trick is to begin in a small way, be patient and develop slowly. Online tutoring can seem like a great method to earn money but do not sign up for more than you can handle. Some people make the mistake of booking multiple classes in a day and then they are unable to teach properly.You must be patient to become successful in this field. Begin with low to medium fees and focus on gaining good reviews. Ask your students to leave reviews because they will help you in attracting more customers and becoming successful. As you get better at teaching and receive good reviews, you can start increasing your rates.

CONCLUSION: Creating successful online tutoring is a quite realistic and profitable goal. Following the tips given above will help you do that in no time. Remember to keep a professional and a committed attitude towards this career and you will see yourself succeeding in no time. The trick is to bring your distinct element into your work because that will help you in distinguishing you from the rest.

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