5 Tips For A Safer Online Shopping Experience

5 Tips For A Safer Online Shopping Experience

What to look while shopping online.


Life is simpler now on the grounds that the web and innovation have made it less demanding for us and also agreeable. It has, to be sure, changed our every day lives every which way, be it work or play.

The Internet has even enabled the customers to shop from the solaces of their homes and it has had a significant effect. The affection for shopping on the web is profound to the point that now many purchase and move items from their PDAs, all on account of the web and innovation.

Following are some of the tips that must be considered when shopping online.

1. Put in requests from a safe connection

On the off chance that your PC isn't shielded from possibly vindictive programming, your money related data and passwords are in danger from being stolen (and everything else you store on your PC or do on the web). This idea is so fundamental, yet just a small amount of the U.S. populace sufficiently secures their PCs.

Utilize a protected association and ensure your PC's firewall is on.

In case you're shopping on the web while utilizing a remote system, it should be encoded so somebody who is prowling outside the house can't gather your data. Abstain from making any money related exchanges when utilizing an open system, as you may not know whether it's imperiled.

2. Is the website fully secure?

Never under any circumstance, ever purchase anything web-based utilizing your card from a webpage that doesn't have SSL encryption introduction any event. You'll know whether the site has SSL in light of the fact that the URL for the site will begin with HTTPS rather than just HTTP. A symbol of a bolted lock will show up, ordinarily to one side of the URL in the location bar or the status bar down beneath — it depends upon your program.

HTTPS is entirely standard presently even on non-shopping destinations, enough that Google Chrome hails any page without the additional S as "not anchor." So a site without it should emerge much more.

3. Always use credit card instead of debit card

Try not to utilize a debit card or check as these don't have similar security assurances set up for you should an issue emerge.

Mastercard limits your obligation to close to $50 of unapproved charges if your budgetary data is stolen and the cash in your financial balance is immaculate. Most charge cards don't offer this security and notwithstanding when they do, you're the one out of assets meanwhile.

Consider assigning one card that is just for Internet-based shopping and exchanges. Along these lines, if the card gets bargained, you can rapidly close it down without affecting some other kind of exchanges.

4. Use VPN if possible

In case you're shopping by means of an open hotspot, stick to known systems, regardless of whether they're free, similar to those found at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble stores. Any of the suppliers in our gathering of the Fastest Free Nationwide Wi-Fi can, for the most part, be trusted.

However, you ought to presumably utilize a virtual private network to be sheltered.

5. Don't share anything personal

Give some info for installment, shipping address, phone number, and email address, yet in the event that the trader demands other data, leave. You never need to give them your financial balance data, standardized savings data, or driver's permit number.

A few organizations make inquiries about your interests, yet these ought to dependably be discretionary and you ought to be mindful about giving the data.

6. Stick to trusted websites

In the event that you definitely know the store, shopping their online store is extremely sheltered. You can generally stroll into the nearby store for help if there's an issue, and in the event that you know other people who have had reliably constructive encounters with the online store, you can be consoled of the webpage's quality.

If you don't have the foggiest idea about the store, it might, in any case, be the best wagered — you simply need to take a couple of more safeguards. Lead your very own individual verification by seeing locales committed to evaluating e-stores.

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13 Summer Struggles Only Thick Girls Understand

Chafing. So much chafing.


Summer is a lovely time. A time of cookouts, swimming, and sunny weather. But if you're a " thick girl," summer sometimes brings more unpleasantries than it does for slimmer women. No matter how beautiful and confident you are in your body, it can bring some struggles.

1. The living hell that is shorts-shopping

Step 1: Find the biggest size the store has.

Step 2: (If you can even get those on): Realize your stomach is being squeezed into the top, your butt is falling out of the back and your thighs are having the life squished out of them.

Step 3: Realize why winter isn't so bad.

2. And dealing with them even after finding a pair that "fits"

Nothing like taking a pair of shorts home you remember fitting you okay in the store and then walking for 45 seconds and pulling them out of your butt or crotch 17 times. Truly a magical experience.

3. And every bathing suit you try on shows more skin than you'd planned

Even the most conservative bathing suit turns into cleavage-city and a non-cheeky set of bottoms turns into a thong. I promise, older people glaring at me in my sexual bathing suit, I didn't mean for this to happen!

4. Chafing. So much chafing.

No better feeling than four minutes into wearing short shorts realizing that your inner thighs are literally tearing themselves apart. Body Glide and baby powder are a thick girl's No. 1 necessity.

5. Loving rompers. Rompers not loving you.

Rompers are made with short and skinny girls in mind. Heaven forbid you're not short, and heaven forbid you're not skinny. Rompers are like a mystical article of clothing that, no matter what, always just barely doesn't fit.

6. Imagining wearing a sundress with a strapless bra and just laughing

Of course, not all thick girls are well-endowed in the boob department, but if you are, you understand how hilarious the thought of you wearing a strapless bra truly is.

7. And bralettes are a thing of fantasy

Once again, bralettes are designed for a very specific body type. One that I do not fall into.

8. Feeling like you need to constantly defend yourself for dressing like you want to

There are so many posts and tweets and just general ideals that people have that certain sized women can't wear certain clothing. You shouldn't feel the need to defend yourself for wearing a cute crop top or a bikini, but you will.

9. And always feeling looked at when you're rocking your swimsuit

Yes, I see your judging eyes, and yes, they are making me feel like shit. It doesn't matter how confident you are in your body, people looking at you like you just killed somebody just because you're wearing something typically made for smaller women doesn't make you feel good.

10. Did I mention chafing?

I just felt like something so horrible couldn't just be mentioned once.

11. Online shopping for cute summer outfits and then none of them fitting you correctly

There's always the dreaded "one-size-fits-all" for plus-size women. As if there's just one way to be plus-size. No matter how much they promise online that it'll fit well, it won't.

12. Seeing tiny girls complaining about losing their "summer bodies"

So many tweets talking about choosing food over a summer body. So many profile pictures of traditionally skinny women. I'm not saying that thick girls are the only ones who can complain about their summer bodies, and thick girls do not have a monopoly one not feeling confident in their bodies. But it is hard to see those posts knowing that those women would be glorified in their swimwear while you'd be gawked at.

13. The "you go girl!" comments on your oh-so-brave bikini photos

Compliments are nice, and positive comments while wearing a bikini go a long way. But the dreaded "you go girl" comment just seems so condescending. Just treat me like anyone else you'd see wearing a bikini. I promise, I'd like to feel like that.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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Why You Should Shop At Your Local Farmers Market

Skip the big chain food stores and go to the farmer market instead.


Three weekends ago I decided to attend Tuscaloosa local farmer market with the plan of buying a couple of items that will fit into my zero-waste lifestyle. When you're at the farmers market you will find items there that you wouldn't find at a chain food store such as a dozen ducks egg that was for sale. Or homemade soaps that had zero to the little wrapper and would have cost almost five dollars at Publix because it had no plastic wrap when it cost $2 or $4 at the market.

But really shop at the farmer market to support your local farmers and shops. More often than not these people are living off these sales or its just a side thing to have some extra cash. For the stores, your more than a dollar sign, you are a person who buys products and they will give you samples of products to try before committing. Which you don't see that often anymore especially as profit is the bottom line for many businesses.

Also, if you have at the grocery stores all those carts in the middle of the aisle as the owner looks at something farther down don't worry the walkways are wide enough for several and the carts are small. And there is no way to be blind-sided by that one person who thinks they are the only one as you have a full three-sixty view of everything there.

You don't have to go every week as I know it can be kind of expensive especially when it comes to certain items. But you should go at least once to see if the market is for you and if they have anything of your interest. Hopefully, this has convinced you to try the market as the saying goes, "Don't knock it til you try it."

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