One Of The Forgotten Roles

One Of The Forgotten Roles

Resort Custodial

This is a role no one really thinks about. Most people when they hear custodial, they think of those in the white costumes in the Parks. Between my 2 Disney College Program's I've worked on every type of resort on Walt Disney World Property. (except the FW campgrounds)

Pop Century (Value Resort)
Art of Animation (Value Resort)
Coronado Springs (Moderate Resort/Home resort for 2015)
Animal Kindgom Lodge (Deluxe Resort)
Wilderness Lodge (Deluxe Resort)
Old Key West (Disney Vacation Club Resort/My home resort for 2017)

I've also worked at 2 parks (Magic Kingdom / Disney's Hollywood Studios) this past summer as well. While the parks were fun and overwhelming, I vastly prefer the resorts.

I'm glad that I had the chance to go to other resorts despite being away from my actual location for so long to the point where my managers thought i already left.

Resort Custodial is more than likely always under and in conjunction with the housekeeping department. A big difference between the resorts and the parks is the costumes (obviously) and the work they have to do. Every resort is different but they all have similar assignments.

Depending on your shift and the resort, the Resort Custodial may attend breakout with the housekeeping team especially if it's in the morning. Sometimes you may not, again it depends on what time your actual shift starts and where you get all your materials for the day. As of right now, most resorts have an iPhone, a paper that tells you where you need to go and what needs to be done in that area, also your tentative break times as well, and keys to get into the custodial closets and pargos (golf carts.)

In my personal experience, in all of the resorts I've worked at except for one which was an EHH shift. They all have a designated pool shifts(in most locations) or a shift that has pools included, again depending on the size of the resort and how busy it gets. In most pool shifts, it includes loading up new fresh towels to the towel bins in the pool areas, unloading the dirty ones, replacing the towel metros around the pool areas. As well as fixing chairs and tables and maintaining cleanliness all around the pool deck and surrounding areas.

Other areas that they are responsible for may be public bathrooms, laundry rooms, lobbies, parking lots (cast and public), and any place that is considered a public area. You may not realize but Resort Custodial does a lot of maintaining after the 3rd shift deep cleans the resorts. Because of their costumes being blended into the theme of the Resort, most people cannot identify who's a custodian.

Resort Custodial is a role most people kinda forget it exists. I enjoyed and loved working at the resorts. It's a different sort of magic. You get to see the same guests every day for several days. Maintaining a personal connection with them. It's just special that whenever they see you around the property and they know your name and face. Especially for newcomers, you're one of the first people they see and interact with. I take pride in helping new guests explore the world of Disney. I'm able to take the time to help them plan their vacation or give them tips in a more personal setting.

Take the time out of your day to thank a cast member, no matter the role. Cast Members of every role make magic their own way.

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Poetry on the Odyssey: Snowy Night

The silence of the night was broken with my cries of sadness.


That's what broke me.

Staring into the night.

Seeing that thick, white blanket drape everything.

The memories flashed through my mind.

Dad and me out in the snow.

Coming inside to her.

She was so happy.

As we took off our wet clothes, she got us a blanket.

She said,

"Sit on the heater, put this blanket around you both. You'll be warm in no time."

Mom loved the snow.

She thought it looked beautiful.

Reminded her of when she was a kid.

Snow used to bring me laughter.

Now it brings me pain.

Seeing the snow tonight, broke me.

Crying and not able to stop.






Left me crying into the night.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Your Voice Is Extremely Unique, Use It For Good

"Think before you speak" has never been more true.

If there is anything college has taught me, there is one thing that sticks out above the rest and that is this: we all come from different worldviews and backgrounds. Not only that but what we see in front of us is just the smallest bit of a mixture of worldviews. There are other countries out there, a whole world filled with different cultures, values, people, and core beliefs.

Friends, if there is anything that I have learned it is that no one has the same voice. No one has actually walked a day in the shoes of somebody else. No one has lived the same exact life as well, you.

And while that may cause a whole lot of conflict between all of us in this crazy world, there is also something so valuable about it.

Your voice is only YOUR voice. There is nobody else in the world who has it. While this may seem daunting, it is actually so freeing. Your life has been lived the way it has to get you to exactly this very moment, reading this little article.

And for some odd reason, you are where you are, you were born where you were born, and you live the life that you live.

Each day, you converse with so many different people. These people may have a similar worldview to you, or maybe they don't. Whether you are in a culture you have been in forever or are completely submerged into a culture you have never lived in before, you are conversing with other humans (even if this isn't your cup of tea).

Throughout the day, you may be writing, going on social media, heading to the grocery store, talking with people in class or at work, and when you do each of these things, you are likely to come in contact with SO many different people. And odds are you, like me, go through your day sometimes without really thinking about the way you talk or converse with those around you.

However, something I caught onto recently is that your voice is SO unique and YOU can use it for good.

You can choose to walk throughout your day in the mundane. You can choose to just say please and thank you and not really have conversations. Or... You can choose to really get to know someone. You can choose to dive into weird, deep, vulnerable conversations about life and things that really matter.

The point is, you are seriously the only person with your voice. You can use that thing for good. You can choose to spread a little joy on social media rather than hate. You can choose to say kind things, to compliment others, and to use general manners as you go through your day. These are things we don't think about, but WOW how much brighter would the world be if we all just thought about what we said before we said it.

I know I need to work on this, who's with me?

Cover Image Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

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