You know that feeling you get when there's something in the back of your mind nagging at you all day? Me too.

For me, it's usually the fear of something. Whether that something is big or small doesn't matter, it's a feeling that usually persists and can get in the way of daily activities. It's anxiety that is there some days and seemingly gone others.

The thing about fears is that we're told to face them in order to get over them. With anxiety, however, it's not always possible to "face your fears." Putting your body under constant stress isn't healthy!

With that being said, everyone loves the feelings of relief and empowerment that come with conquering fears. At least, I know I do.

While no one should put his or her body under perpetual stress, doing one thing a day that scares you, even the smallest of things, can be a great way to build your confidence. Even putting yourself outside of your comfort zone just a tiny bit can make a positive impact on your life and give you the strength you need to feel in control.

So, here are 17 ideas to help you get started:

1. Sit next to a stranger and strike up a conversation.

2. Go somewhere alone (i.e for coffee, lunch, or shopping).

3. Confront that person (yes, I know you've been putting it off).

4. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

5. Leave your phone at home for the afternoon.

6. Say hello to the people you pass by.

7. Ask someone out on a date.

8. Go on a blind date.

9. Take a workout class (SoulCycle, F45, hot yoga, spin class, dance class, etc.)

10. Try eating or cooking new food(s).

11. Make plans to study with an acquaintance.

12. Participate or raise your hand in class.

13. Sit up front in class.

14. Thank an old teacher or professor by sending them a quick email.

15. Take a different route to work or class.

16. Leave the house without putting makeup on.

17. Ask for help.