As humans, we make promises. Sometimes the promises occur between us and another individual, meant to be a binding contract to something we said we will do. Other times, we make these promises to ourselves in hopes of following through and accomplishing whatever we desire. But why is it that the promise to move on from the past, the promise to walk away from the things that may be hurting us, is always the easiest promise to break?

When we place our skin upon something hot, we quickly move away. When we feel our legs tightening up after sitting for hours, we shift. Instinctively, humans do these things to avoid pain, to separate ourselves from the whatever is making us uncomfortable. When people hurt us, hit us, or yell, we cry, or we go numb. We deal with the pain, but we do not separate ourselves from it.

Instinctively, we fight harder. We push ourselves time and time again hoping that by feeling the pain once more, we will somehow grow stronger, more resilient. The pain will not be as painful. Naturally, we grow stronger. We learn to cope with the pain, handle our emotions until we feel we are strong enough to move on. But as our emotional strength grows, we fade. We sacrifice our love, our courage, our emotions, and we risk it all on hope. Hope that whatever is hurting us will one day stop. I do not hope my hand will move away from the fire that burns it, I simply move it. So why wait?

Now more than ever is a time to let go of the things that have hurt you. It is a time to face the fears you have of being alone or being lost. It is a time to let go of the past and move towards the future. Not just any future, your future. One full of excitement and new adventures. One full of whatever you desire because now, you are the one in control.

It's difficult. Leaving behind the past, walking away from the things that are damaging you. It takes strength, courage, and hope. But not hope in another soul, hope in you. Believing that you will change. Believing that you will treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. Believing you deserve better. Most of all, believing that you are strong enough to survive it all. So here's to you the believer. It is time to say goodbye to the pain and the sadness, and remember that as you lose the pain and finally reach the end, you gain your hope, your life, and your chance to create a new beginning.