It's been over 1,000 days since the boys of One Direction went on a hiatus. They claimed they would only be gone for about 18 months, but that break turned into something permanent once their separate solo careers began taking off. I, like any other die-hard fan, misses them dearly and wished they'll come back, even if that wish is felt deep deep down.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy that they're happy now making the kind of music they want to make, but I'll always miss the magic of One Direction and their concerts. Even after Zayn left, the boys put on a spectacle of a show for us. I miss the energy and the unity of a fandom that was not torn apart by solo careers.

But I'm not here to discuss the fandom or the drama, I'm simply here to discuss how each boy is doing and explore how distinct their music is from one another.

Let's start with Niall. Niall is doing what he loves, there is no doubt about that. The boy has some serious country vibes radiating off of his music and his sets. His music is the most similar to One Directions. He has slow ballads that clearly show he has been heartbroken and some upbeat songs that get anyone in the mood to dance. His voice is calming and serene and is by far one of my favorite sounds in the world. Niall is touring worldwide at the moment and comes to Tampa next weekend! I will be seeing him live again after 3 years and I could not be more excited to hear him sing his new songs, speak in his Irish accent, and cover fan favorites from 1D like Fool's Gold.

Harry took the world by storm this past year, touring worldwide and selling out arenas everywhere. His catchphrase "Treat People With Kindness" caught on and had become my mantra. Style's new music is eccentric and very different from that of One Direction's. He had a rock vibe to his sound that fans adore. He does covers of classics like The Chain by Fleetwood Mac and has entire arenas of people who weren't even alive during that era, singing along. He also plays 1D's hit, Olivia before his shows to hype up the crowd and gives them a bit of nostalgia. His vocals match the music and his energy on stage definitely matches as well. I went to his concert in Ft. Lauderdale in June and had a blast. He is incredibly talented vocally and puts on shows that you never want to end.

Louis had taken his solo time to not only release some bops but to judge in Britain's famous singing competition, the X-Factor (the show that started it all for 1D). Louis has had multiple songs that all have an EDM sound. His voice fits that style perfectly. The songs are mostly upbeat and fun to dance to. Louis was known as one of the main songwriters of 1D, so his new songs are all lyrically brilliant. He is beyond talented and has told fans that even though he is on the X-Factor's judges panel, that he will still be releasing a full album soon!

Liam Payne has had quite a busy break. First, he became a father to his son Bear, then he began putting out songs. His musical style, in my opinion, is not one that compliments his voice the way it should. His songs are very generic and sound similar to other things that are repetitive on the radio. His songs, while catchy for the most part, are not lyrically the best. I have seen Liam sing live twice with 1D and I can guarantee you that he had the voice of an angel. He can hit incredibly high notes and does riffs like nobody's business. I hope he releases more music soon and had some ballads that really show off his vocals.

Zayn has to be mentioned. No shade! I swear. I think Zayn's first solo album was pretty great. I loved a lot of his songs and can tell that the R&B sound is something he really wanted to pursue. His vocals are shown beautifully in most songs. He has collaborated with many famous artists and has made songs that are on movies like 50 Shades of Grey. He is doing well for himself, although he has not toured at all. I'm not sure why he hasn't. He has said that he had anxiety while performing online and was more comfortable with others on stage, but you can't have it all. I hope he'll tour one day because his vocals live are magnificent.

Overall, the boys, now men, are all doing well and I wish them luck on any future music projects. Maybe they'll come back one day, and maybe I won't have to spend all this money seeing them tour separately, but if I have to, I'll keep doing just that, because whether they are together or apart, I can't deny that they are my favorite performers ever.