Netflix has created some really good original shows. There's so many to binge but if you haven't binged "One Day At A Time" you're really missing out.

"One Day At A Time" is a reboot of the original sitcom developed by Norman Lear. The original series aired on CBS and was about a divorced mother in Indianapolis raising her two teenage daughters. The show aired from December 1975 to May 1984.

Norman Lear wanted to make a reboot of the show so he did. The show was recreated but with a twist. The shows reboot is about a Cuban American Family. The show stars two iconic latina actresses, Justina Machado, and Rita Moreno. Justin Machado plays Penelope, who is a Veteran and single mother raising her two teenage children Alex ( Marcel Ruiz) and Elena (Isabella Gomez) with her Mother Lydia (Rita Moreno) and sometimes help from their landlord and friend Schneider (Todd Grinnell).

"One Day At A Time" has representation all around.

Veterans are always portrayed as heroic which they are but there are many who are living normal American lives and are also struggling with going back to a normal life. The show portrays that through Penelope's life. The show portrays a female Veteran as a normal human being struggling with things. This represents Veterans as more than just someone who goes off to war they go through things and try to live normal lives after the war and serving in the military.

The show also represents the LGBTQ community which is a community that is not represented a lot in the media. Isabella Gomez plays Elena, Penelope's teenage daughter. Elena is a LGBTQ character and in the show, she discovers herself and finds who she is. She comes out to her family, is experimenting and develops her first relationship. These scenes are very relatable for so many LGBTQ people in the world watching the show.

Justin Machado has been acting for over twenty years.

This is her biggest role yet. On her Instagram, she posted a video of a pilot episode from her first leading role twenty years ago for a series that never aired. She played a Cuban American named Lupe. In her post, she stated "This pilot never went to series because as was told to me back then "the world wasn't ready for a Latino family."

Can you believe that?

Well, it's a different time now, thank God, and not only are we ready we are not going anywhere! Now, Machado is playing a Cuban American woman named Penelope (her nickname on the show is Lupe) in a hit sitcom showing the life of a Cuban American family and the world is loving it.

"One Day At A Time" is representing so many different people and talks about so many issues that many shows don't discuss. The show also talks about immigration, political activism and so many more topics that many people encounter in life. The show is relatable, fun, breaking barriers and an all-around amazing show.

If you enjoy watching shows that like to address current events and spark debate, then this show is most definitely for you. Regardless of your political leanings, "One Day at a Time" does well in demonstrating both sides of an argument instead of completely advocating for one. It's interesting to note that all the key family members have different views which clash and coincide with one another quite often, leading to dynamic conversations and necessary plot and character development. You feel as though every character has a purpose and isn't just there to exist as part of the support for the main character, Penelope Alvarez.

Some people have expressed concerns that because they are not Hispanic, they will not be able to relate to the series as much as other Hispanic viewers, and I must disagree. I believe that although this series represents Hispanic families and some Hispanic ideologies that will come more naturally to Hispanic viewers, every ethnicity has norms and practices that could be similar. Additionally, it helps viewers gain awareness on issues and perspective from a different ethnicity's standpoint. Overall, this is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys comedy-drama series that appeal to families.