I wanna wake up glowing because of how I made MYself feel last night.

I took my muthafuckin self to paradise, me myself and I took trips to Dubai, ever so fly, every piece of golden jewelry resting on my chocolate skin is fine.

Once Upon a Time,

You set my soul on fire, you watched the flames rise, and you laughed at my burns.

You left me gasping and clawing for air at the gates of my garden, but because of you I had to rise to the occasion and be my own knight and shining armor.

I had an out of body experience; I ran across the country to myself, dropped everything to come and rescue myself, I slayed three dragons, walked on water, parted seas, blew out fire, boy don't fuck with me.

I had to bring myself to my feet, fuck your hands, my hands were enough to carry me.

He said feelings are just feelings and his for me had ceased, but the love I have for myself is perpetual, it is and will always be.

I give myself butterflies when my mirror presents to me my mahogany eyes.

I am always on time; maybe's, not now's, and later's do not exist in this garden of mine.

My glow is self-inflicted.

Save your breath.

I am all I need to get by.