On Raven Wings
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Student Life

On Raven Wings

A tribute to a kindred spirit, inspired by the TEEN TITANS franchise

On Raven Wings

In my own darkness,

She calls out to me,

A beacon of light,

Despite the dark within her too.

She walks in magic

And a shadowed power,

But her choices define her,

Not her birthright—

She may have been created

From darkness,

But she uses her darkness

To serve the highest good,

And that is a power

Of hope and will

Beyond what anyone can imagine.

She is armored in a strength

That some don't acknowledge

Or never will understand,

And that's not only encouraged,

But beautiful—

What I too need to hear

When the demon within howls.

Hope for the world

But none for ourselves,

Fear of ourselves

But the utmost loyalty

For those we hold dear,

I can sense her hand on my shoulder,

And I sense her understanding.

I may feel I'm alone,

But I see her,

Walking in her beautiful magic

And armored in her strength,

And I see my ally—

And with the fire contained

But not suppressed,

(Because that releases

The demons within us,)

On raven wings

We fly

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