On Impeachment and Religion

Politics and Religion, the topics that once we tried hiding. But now more than ever we must discuss these controversial topics- the future of our patria and the world is at stake if we do not discuss the controversial issues of life.

Ahhh mon cher citizens, I have been asked to address the word of the year, and my thoughts on it. One more topic related closely enough I must address it in the same article- that of religion and where people's religious allegiances place them.

"Impeachment!" a word which many times tapped into the labyrinth of our polarized desires and sense of justice equally. It was both polarized and justice. To be both right and wrong at the same time, and both polarizing and unifying. How could this be? and what does this mean?

Furthermore, we as a nation have been grouping people together due to their religious affiliations as a block such as "how shall the Evangelicals vote?" Alas this is a dangerous mentality which is putting us into boxes.

The first of these topics I shall address is that of impeachment. Let me start by saying this, Trump's actions were wrong. The evidence weighed against him, and yes he should be removed from the presidency. However, both sides of the aisle handled this issue poorly. Instead of fairly assessing him- we jumped to the conclusions "guilty!" or "innocent!" based on where we stood on the political spectrum.

Of course I do realize the impeachment of President Johnson also was obviously partisan. However, if we let the partisanism continue to grow it will consume us all. A nation full of excessive partisanism will be governed by a string of strongmen leaders of every political stance pledging to eliminate the others and it will continue in such a ping pong pattern as the real problems of the nation continue to grow.

People cannot afford housing, prices of education rise to degrees so ridiculous that it is expected you go to the school that gives you the least amount of debt. In the United States, once the richest nation on earth people live pay check to pay check, and young people even tongue in cheek try to see if they can marry foreigners just for a visa and a better life.

Citizens- do we have liberty? Do we have liberty if we cannot freely work and live abroad like our French and German friends can? Do we have liberty if we starve and have to work many jobs below minimum wage just to barely live? Do we have liberty if we fear for our future so often? I would argue no- we do not have liberty.

I am not advocating for capitalism or socialism here, what I am advocating for is we must acknowledge this is a problem and stop denying it. For it would be as though we are denying a volcano is brewing under the surface until it erupts and consumes us all.

Citizens, likewise with impeachment we must set aside our partisan sympathies and give the president a fair trial. My vote is guilty, but I would like to hear yours if you believe otherwise.

Now for my second topic, that of religion. Call me anti-clerical, but I am strongly opposed to the idea of religious leaders telling their congregations what to believe in terms of politics. There is a time and place for politics and the church, such as if the Nazis were coming to power it is the duty for all to speak against policies that conflict with the very idea of life. However, the churches of America (and the Synagogues and Mosques likewise) should be guiding people's morality and not questioning it if people have different politics. We need to discuss politics openly during church coffee hours and not be worried about landing on the wrong side. God is not a Democrat or Republican, yet it is my understanding he wants all to come to Him.

Now to paraphrase Bolivar- religion is the law of the heart, and politics is the law of the outside. To reduce religion to politics would be in Bolivar's words- sacrilegious. It is something more than that.

I do not often talk religion in my political posts because I do not want what I believe or do not believe to influence your own ideas of "she is this denomination and believes this, so I must believe it to." Just as the Bible should be interpreted on individual basis with no interference of an intermediary and should be Sola Scriptura likewise your political views should come from your own questioning and experience and not from what a church leader told you.

This is not an attack on religious leaders, I urge them also to let their political views be discussed and debate during your free time about certain candidates. This is your right in a democracy, and I implore you as a private citizen to exercise it.

But remember when people's souls are at stake, this is not the time for political debates- there should be a separation between church and state in government, and also when you are taking official positions. Trump is not ordained by God, neither is Hilary nor any leader. God invested the people with the wisdom to form a social contract and pick their own leaders. While I do believe you should pray for your political leaders to make the right choices and carry out justice, remember they are fallible just as religious leaders are.

I realize that my words in this article may sound strikingly controversial, and quite divisive. Alas all I yearn for with my heart is for you my dear patria to begin to talk sincerely about how to solve the many problems that now plague us. For I envision a future for you where all people are free to talk, express their beliefs and write their ideas at the cafe without fear. A future where we can travel and work in France or Poland. A future where the world is clean and beautiful for us to breathe in the fresh air and not worry about consumption (or cancer) because we cannot afford the increasing price of everything

Equality! All people of all colors and creeds treated the same under the law regardless of their background. Fraternity, a world where we join hands in solidarity

It may sound idealistic in light of today's environment but so did the idea of people reading the Bible for their own, and people governing themselves. Citizens, the first step to a better world begins within us as we realize these truths.

Vive la republique!

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