The reason why Ocean City is the best place to visit is because they have so much to do such as mini golf, places to eat, boardwalk, beaches, shopping, renting jet ski during the summer, and a lot of events going on and during holiday. They have firework shows and going down to spend time with my boyfriend and his parents and water-park.

The things that I love about going down to Ocean City is because I love the beach, walking around the main street seeing all of the different places to shop, eat, and different places to hit up the bar if you are 21 or over. I love how you can just walk like 5 minutes away and you are so close to everything. I love getting to see the sand, water and the waves and all of the different seafood places they have there.

I love going to walk on the boardwalk because they have so much to do like places to grab something quick to eat or have a few places where you can sit down and eat. I love seeing all of the surf shop; my favorite surf shop on the boardwalk is called Quick Storm, which they have different shops like surf shops, clothing, sunglasses and jewelry shops.

Ocean City was voted one the top beaches in the Mid-Atlantic area. I love seeing all the beaches because I love laying on the beach with the sand in between my toes. The waves are so relaxing to me and I love going into the waves and into the ocean. What I really love when I visit OC I love hearing the noise of the waves when I'm sitting on the back deck of my boyfriend and his parents condo.

Ocean City is one the best places I ever visited before because of how much their is to do during the summer. OC is only the best in the summer because every restaurant is open, all the ride on the boardwalk are open and the all of the shop on the boardwalk are open and the shop on the Coastal highway are open and so are the restaurant.