To my older sister,

You always used to tell me that when Mom and Dad told you that they were going to have another baby, I was supposed to be a boy, but you wished on a penny and threw it in a water fountain that you would have a baby sister. Therefore, you magically determined my gender and that's why I wasn't that into "girly" toys when I was a child. You were a weird kid for that. Everyone knew me as "Hannah" before I was born and when you met me in that hospital room, you said you didn't like my new name. Too bad, I'm stuck with it my whole life.

Each person in our family said I looked just like you when I was fresh out of the womb. As I got older, some people still said that we were similar, but then I started getting that I looked like our brother. Someone even noted that I resembled if you guys had a kid, I hated that. Guaranteed, I was probably one shade darker than albino and you could've passed for a different ethnicity. My friends used to ask me all of the time if we had different parents because you were so much tanner than I was. Even if we did, it wouldn't matter. You helped raise me being six years older than I am.

Just like any other younger sibling, I wanted to do everything you were doing. You were a cheerleader so I wanted to become a cheerleader. I wanted every single article of clothing that you owned and I was angered when you got a cell phone before me. I was your test subject for cheer stunts and beauty products, willingly or unwillingly. If you gave our parents attitude, I gave our parents attitude.

Being the first-born, you were the one who got to test out Mom and Dad's waters. You weren't a bad teenager, the rules were just more of a suggestion to you. You made some pretty dumb mistakes but bounced back in the end. I knew not to make those faults when I reached your age, you even told me not to make those choices. You have a healing soul and like to help people, it's just in your nature, but sometimes it could tire you out and stress out immensely. You are one of the strongest people I know in my life, you've handled endeavors that would knock people down for years. You probably don't realize it, but I admire you greatly.

You're super protective of me. You can roast and tease me all you want, but as soon as someone else tries to do the same or actually has intentions of hurting me, you go into full mama bear mode. People throwing threats and insults at you doesn't hit close to home, but when it's on your baby sister, you like to get a tad angry. You're the only person who understands my crazy family because you're apart of it. We have no shortage of inside jokes or memories, talking to each other with nonverbal communication.

I can tell you anything in the world and not be judged for it. I can call you in the middle of the night and you would still come get me. You confide in me your darkest secrets. You're like a built-in best friend. Thank you for being there all my life.

I don't know what I would do without you.


Your little sister