To My Older Siblings, Thank You For Creating A Monster Out Of Me
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To My Older Siblings, Thank You For Creating A Monster Out Of Me

I truly appreciate it.

To My Older Siblings, Thank You For Creating A Monster Out Of Me
Kelly Cruz

Dear older siblings,

I just wanted to say you guys suck, and I have made you open this letter for no reason. Jokes on you. JUST KIDDING, keep reading.

Thank you!

Thank you for being my second set of parents at a very young age. Thank you for caring for me and babysitting me at a very young age when you two were supposed to be babysat yourself.

While mom and dad slaved away working to make ends meet in our family business, you two were sitting in our rickety old van feeding me and making that old-school box T.V. work so we could watch Disney movies while mom and dad worked crazy 15-20 hours a day.

Though mom and dad were the most amazing parents and put us first no matter what... Sometimes because of work, they weren't always there for us younger kids and you two stepped up during these situations. Being an older sibling to me and being a free babysitter/parent to the three younger ones.

I don't fully appreciate the frilly dresses I was forced to put on.

Or the bonnet hats that you guys agreed with mom looked adorable on me, but trust me when I say we younger siblings admire the work you have put into this family. We appreciate the foundation you have set down for us to help us better achieve our goals.

I do appreciate the fact you both made time to take me and pick me up from my sporting events. When you weren't busy with your own schooling, sports, and work you two would be my cheerleaders and I also appreciate that.

Watching you two also be too sweet and nice to people even when they were rude made me create a tougher outer shell.

Watching you two be caring and protective of us younger ones even when it meant being stepped all over on your end made me more overprotective of all of us siblings and our parents. In other words, you guys created a monster out of me. That's okay though because as I have gone through life I've learned life, in general, is not always sweet so I am glad I have tough skin and a protective side to me. It has helped me in many ways to achieve my goals and mute out the negative people and things that cross my path.

I know you two don't get much credit for what you do.

But know that you are both great role models to us younger siblings and though we may not admit to it, you guys have set great standards for us to live by which has helped us achieve greatness each in our own personal ways.

You two also set up great relationships wherever you went.

Well one more than the other, the other, you made it harder sometimes for some of us good noodles to clear the slate. Even so, it was still a great learning experience to prove ourselves.

You guys have succeeded in many things and I hope you know it has been noted as well.

Though family may not say it all the time your achievements are recognized and noted. We just expect greatness from both of you all the time that we seem to not be surprised when you both achieve greatness.

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