I have always believed that I am an Old Soul.

And I truly think it has made me think I'm much different than everyone else.

I have always been a hopeless romantic,

waiting for my forever love to come slow dance with me and offer an arm to attach my hand to as we walk side-by-side.

I have always been the one to think of others first, make manners second-nature, always show a stranger a smile,

waiting for it all to be given to me in return.

I have always found the most delight in the simple things,

waiting for the next little grand surprise to come my way.

Why have these qualities gone out of style?

What happened to them being considered timeless?

Maybe it's the way jazz envelopes me in a feeling I can't put into words,

Maybe it's that I absolutely love anything related to Frank Sinatra,

Maybe it's the fact that I believe I was a 1940s girl in my past life,

Maybe it's that I love Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter from the Marvel comics,

Maybe it's how one of my biggest random dreams is to be able to go to a 40s themed gala one evening in New York City with a dress that touches the floor and a jazz band is present to accompany my entrance,

Or maybe it's because my grandparents that have passed met and grew up in this era and I feel connected to them through these little things that I love.

I have always thought these qualities made me very different from everyone else,

making me stand out from the crowd even more.

I have always thought that these things made me feel out of place and out of time,

making me believe that I was an odd one out.

I have always tried to love who I am more and more every day by being so unique,

making me learn to be grateful that all of these things make up a fraction of who I am.

I have always believed that I am an Old Soul.

And I have learned to absolutely love it.