Oklahoma State University is a mismatched, miscellaneous, solidified family. From the start of my freshmen year to now, I can always rely on someone to smile and ask how my day is going while hiking through campus. The atmosphere at Oklahoma State is unlike any other because we are one enormous family.

I can recall one of my first classes as a freshman. I walked into a classroom filled with at least 200 college students; I was inevitably overwhelmed and uneasy. In high school, we all had our cliques that we sat with in class, and people to walk to and from class with. But at Oklahoma State, it is completely different. I sat down towards the back of the room, and as more students filled in I was no longer sitting by myself. One student asked what my name was and how my week was going, and I was shocked. I didn’t expect friendliness from a complete stranger. As the professor began to speak I noticed how warm and welcoming he was. It was obvious that he knew most of us were freshmen, and he made a strong effort to welcome us and make us feel at home. After the class was over, I left the room with a completely different mindset. The freshmen, sophomores, upperclassmen, faculty, professors, janitors, union kitchen cooks, bursar office workers, university store workers, and many more at Oklahoma State have never failed to treat me or my friends like one of their brothers or sisters.

Oklahoma State is not only the best university in the nation (in my opinion), but Oklahoma State also takes very good care of us. Yes, we spend a gargantuan sum of money to attend the university, but the university does everything in its power to care for us. For example, we have OSU Career Services, who puts on remarkable career fairs, information sessions, and other events to help us succeed within our future after Oklahoma State. We also have the Colvin Recreation Center, which is 240,000 square feet of physical education, intramural athletics, swimming and recreational activities. Oklahoma State also offers the University Health Services, which in simple terms is our doctor away from home. I have only listed a few of the hundreds of abundant opportunities and facilities that Oklahoma State offers.

Oklahoma State has a great culture and atmosphere, state of the art facilities, and un-doubtedly the best professors, faculty, staff, and students in the nation; but there is more to it than that. Oklahoma State offers a place for every personality, religion, viewpoint, career path, and so on. Oklahoma State will always be my home because I know without a doubt that I will be able to visit as an alumna and walk around the campus and receive smiles and waves, the same smiles and waves I received as a freshman. I am proud to be a cowboy, and you will always find me loyal and true to our alma mater, OSU.