In college, you're supposed to thrive; at least that's what my Instagram feed convinces me every day. Everyone, especially in freshman year, seems to be having the time of their lives every single weekend. On the one hand, that's what college is all about: meeting new friends, having fun, and getting involved. On the other hand, however, it can all feel a little too overwhelming. After scrolling through my feed and seeing post after post about a crazy night out or a fun party, I felt a little bad about myself. Do these people ever get homesick? I thought. Or even just tired? When I wanted to slow down, or even have a night in, it felt like everyone was speeding right on ahead and leaving me behind.

It was hard to admit that I needed a minute to myself freshman year. Anyone can tell you that my biggest downfall is intense FOMO (fear of missing out). When my friends went to a party, I felt that I had to go too, or else I would miss some serious memories we would be looking back on forever. Even if I felt sad or exhausted, I forced myself up and out of the dorm to socialize. I had a lot of fun nights and great times with this mentality, but looking back now as a sophomore, I wish I could tell that girl that it's okay to not be totally okay.

I think everyone can agree that college isn't the easiest, and even though the most social of butterflies would try and disagree, it's mentally taxing. As a freshman, your friends are brand new, your environment is foreign, and homesickness is something that comes in small waves throughout the year rather than one big tidal wave at the beginning. It is a constant battle between wanting to be social and not miss a single thing and carving out time to yourself.

To the freshman feeling this intense social pressure: you're not alone.

It may feel like it's impossible to get a moment's rest and that everyone is over missing their dog or their mom or the smell of their own house. Trust me, everyone feels it, and, most likely, everyone is in the same place you are and trying to put on a brave face. It is okay to admit that you need a minute or that you need a whole day to watch Netflix in solitude. It is hard to pull yourself out of the craziness that is your freshman year of college, but a moment to take care of yourself is something that is always needed.