Dear Ohio, You SkippedA Season

You know that beautiful time of the year when you can finally wear sweatshirts, the leaves are falling, and you get that in-between weather before it cools down for the next five months? That nice fall season we all look forward to after months of sweating out the summer?

Ohio decided we don't need that season.

In reality, Ohio winter doesn't really hit until January, but we still usually get some buffer between the summer heat and the freezing nights. But this year we went straight from the heat to seeing our friends pull out their winter coats.

It shouldn't be that big of a deal right? To be completely honest most the typical "fall" activities you can go do can still be done in the weather we have right now. Apple picking, haunted trails, and football games don't stop just because it's ten degrees cooler than it usually is during this time of year.

But there are other things associated with colder weather. You've got daylight savings taking away much-needed sunlight, less motivation to go outside because of the cold, and don't get me started about worrying about paying the heating bill. Even worse than these things are mental illnesses like seasonal affective disorder. When it starts getting colder and darker earlier in the year, who's to say someone's seasonal depression won't also flare up earlier? It sucks too because there's not much any of us can do about changing the weather.

The worst part about Ohio weather is that when summer or winter hit, they hit hard and long. We spent basically June to halfway through October worrying about the heat index. Come winter, I'm sure I'll be wearing three layers of clothes outside until April ends. There's no in between and not only is it seriously messing with my allergies but just my mood in general.

So Ohio, please hold off on giving us this colder weather for a little bit, some of us would like to enjoy the four seasons we're supposed to have.

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