Moving out of a hometown is one of the hardest adventures anyone can go on. You leave your friends, family, high school, and yet, you never seem to forget where you are from. Now take it one step further, you home state! Today, I want to share with you ten things you'd only know if you are from Ohio.

1. Tractor Traffic

Whether on your way to school or trying to get to the big city, there is always farmer John on his tractor. Harvest time is one of those times when you have to leave an hour or so early to get past the combines and the tractors. Good luck!

2. Corn....Corn....Corn

Harvest time is one of those times when, yes you know you will have food for the winter but it is awful to get out there. Corn is one those crops that take forever to come up and forever to shuck but it is worth it!

3. Creek walking

Summertime and can't afford a pool? God created one for ya! THe creek down the road is the best way for you to keep cool and find cool stuff like rocks and crawldads!

4. Hill jumping

Big hill + hitting the gas in your truck = Hill jumping. Mudding and jumping are summer time favorites out here.

5. Bonfires every Friday night

Another summertime favorite. Gather some friends, some soda or whiskey, and just hang out under the stars. Whether it's by the barn or in the middle of a field, this is the time to be alive!

6. Non-existent cell service

'I tried to call you!" "Yeah, I was on 52, no cell service." Yeah.....welcome to Ohio!

7. Festival of Lights.....and traffic

The lights at Christmas time are beautiful! Roasted almonds, hot chocolate....traffic. Yeah, trying to get out of Cincinnati after the lights is the worst!!

8. Tiny...tiny towns

As a girl who comes from a town with less than 3,000 people, you learn that not only does everyone know everyone, but everyone knows your mama!

9. OH-IO

When someone starts the chant, you better call back!

10. Home Grown

As much as Ohio is belittled, it is home. It's my home state and I am a proud, southern Ohio, hometown gal!