Odyssey Is The F*ckboy I Can't Drop

Odyssey, shall I compare thee to a f*ckboy?

Thou art more loathsome and more temperamental.

Rough edits do shake the darling creators of content,

And writer's lease hath all too short a date.

But for real, Odyssey, you're worse than my ex, and he was pretty bad.

While I love Odyssey and being able to express myself, HQ is making me question who I am as a content creator and what my relationship with the company looks like to others on the outside.

First off, being a writer for Odyssey is like being someone who sleeps with a f*ckboy.

People love to talk about the fact it's a thing in their life, and it seems pretty good from an inside perspective. You can do a lot of stuff and you feel like you have nothing holding you back, but secretly people are judging you.

The truth is, Odyssey only wants your content. It gets them money and you get nothing in return other than a couple social media shares from them, which might get you a couple bucks — literally.

This is the same as a guy just wanting sex because he can get off and give you nothing in return other than a couple "wyd?" texts and a weird hug at a party or something.

You put in the effort and get little to nothing in return.

Odyssey is probably going to ghost you too.

A great example of this is a year and a half ago when Odyssey offered me an invitation to a business party at their offices, all travel expenses covered. I was thrilled, but as the date came closer, no one was able to respond to me.

Two days before the event, someone finally got back to me saying there was a mishap and my info got lost so they weren't able to get any travel reservations in order for me. I was told I'd be able to come in about 6 months for another event, but never heard from them again.

This is the equivalent of trying to do something social with your f*ckboy and he says he's totally down — that is, until last minute when he says that "something's come up," and suddenly can't go.

Good luck getting a hold of him after that.

Talking to them, in general, feels impossible.

Everyone seems to have a hard time either getting in touch with or having a request completed by HQ.

You send a message to a higher-up and you'll always catch them as they're headed out of town or are super busy and will "get to it later." It can take a day or two just to get one of those responses, and it seems like there's always a hassle just to get a hello back.

Guys can be the exact same way.

They're always "in class" or "at a thing," and getting them to interact is a struggle. You'll have to wait to hear back from them and it'll still be a "wyd?" text.

They don't want to interact unless they can get what they want, and the second you step out of the bounds of the normal relationship, you're a total stranger.

They hang with terrible people and won't give you the time of day.

Odyssey has a habit of sharing and promoting the heck out of articles that give them a bad name.

They can be poorly edited, have terrible points, and/or promote gross behaviors like discrimination, bullying and disrespect.

Kids work their butts off to write amazing content about awareness, home, and life.

Does Odyssey make sure every piece they share is well-done and positive like these?

Nope. Instead, they make shirts for articles written by toxic girlfriends. Other girls are writing popular, humorous pieces that become fan favorites with everyone they know, but that doesn't make Odyssey as much money as toxic girlfriends –– so no humor, only toxic girlfriends.

F*ckboys don't want to spend quality time with some girls unless they get food or a make-out session at the least. They want girls who will look good around them socially and drunkenly kiss them at parties.

They don't like hanging around girls who make too much conversation or can't give affirmation all the time, but not have feelings.

Basically, they don't want to be around someone who won't please them 24/7.

Everyone dislikes the way they act, but you still stick around.

As much as you're aware of their crappy behavior, you kind of don't care and keep doing what you do because it's still an experience.

You still talk to the f*ckboy because you think he's attractive, he sends the occasional fire emoji in response to your Snap story selfies, and sometimes he says stupid things you can laugh about with your friends.

You know he doesn't like you and you don't really have feelings for him, but his half-hearted texting is a time killer and there's a chance he'll go see the new Avengers movie with you.

People still write for Odyssey because they put it on their resumes, they sometimes get money from Odyssey sharing their articles, and generally the people who write for Odyssey are amazing.

Odyssey as a group doesn't suck.

HQ? Yeah, they kind of do.

But we stay with Odyssey because we love the freedom, the experience, and the people we work around.

It connects us to businesses, friends and even our idols.

One bad dude — or bad management — isn't enough reason to deter you from going for something you like.

If I've learned anything from Odyssey acting like a f*ckboy, it's that I can just use their behavior to write another article.

So, thanks, Odyssey.

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