As I continue to go steady in writing my Wicca pieces, which should be coming out these next few submissions, I have been getting into poetry more, which is completely new to me. I have posted poetry on here several times, some not the best and others pretty good. I would not consider myself to be a poet by any means but as I struggle through my mental illnesses, I have found that poetry is a new way for me to handle things.

This piece is dedicated to those who are always suffering from mental illnesses or really just going through a hard time. It can be hard to make it through the day and be able to see the positive in anything. This piece is meant to help others who are going through a rough patch - more so, help you remember how wonderful, exciting, and special you are.

Thank you.

What makes me happy?

It is a question we find ourselves always asking.

What is it that makes me smile?

Many would say common things,

My family,

My partner,

My friends.

While those three things do matter.

What little things make you happy?

For me, it's the colors green, yellow, and purple.

Seeing those colors put a smile on my face instantly.

Those colors calm me down, make me feel as though

Nothing in this world can bring me down.

Sometimes it's harder to remember that.

Sometimes I find myself crying and screaming,

Desperately trying to remember what makes me happy.

There are days, however, when even the rain is pouring,

Or the snow is blowing,

Those little things still make me smile.

Because despite everything wrong in my head,

Those little things remind me of what I'd miss,

If I were gone.

A few things I love:



Making people smile,

Seeing a child laugh,

Going to class,

The color yellow,

The color green,

The color purple.

There are dozens of things that make me happy.

But these are a few that have made me happy recently.

When I feel down, I like to remember these little things,

That help me realize that if I were gone,

I wouldn't be able to enjoy these things again.