Love hurts, that's what they say

It hurts in the best of ways and the worst

But why do some things hurt more than others?

Why does a bee landing only tickle,

But the loss of a petal feels like misery?

Why am I seen as a symbol of love?

Is it because I'm the same color of a heart?

Because I'm pretty and pretty things are given to pretty people?

It's peculiar to me why I have so much influence over people

I have the power to hurt as well as heal them

To create happiness and cause heartbreak

How I get sent in a dozen to someone to reassure love,

But a wreath of me means that a girl just lost her mother?

How can a rose like me create such emotion?

I'm just a flower with thorns

A bunch of petals on a stem

Maybe it's because I'm delicate

The fear that I can be crushed so quickly

Because I die within a week from being cut from my home

Maybe it tells people to cherish what they have

How anything can happen to them too

Maybe that's why I was put on the Earth

Maybe that's why God sent me here

I'm elegant and graceful, yet I have these thorns that can draw blood

I guess that's the irony, huh

The fact that love hurts

Deal with it