Throughout the last couple of years, Odyssey has grown in the number of communities, reaching college students across the country with over 15,000 content creators. Creators are able to express themselves in any way shape or form as long as it's within proper boundaries.

Most importantly, Odyssey has also become a major platform for women authors to have a voice in issues on policy, their pet cat Snuggles, and the importance of empowerment in a generation where social media and marketing have altered the way we see the female body and mind.

In fact, a majority of the creators on Odyssey are indeed college-aged women, each sharing their own experiences of the life and struggles of womanhood.

Some share important bible verses, as Louisiana State Editor Braelyn Legget did in her article Bible Verses To Read When Your Relationship Is Struggling. Others share thank you letters to loved ones. Le Moyne's Meara Mosny published her open letter to her boyfriend almost three years ago and it is one of the most viewed Odyssey publications of all time, peaking close to 2.5 million views.

Some even have a love of sports. West Chester's Courtney Gutkowski has covered college basketball and the NFL, including Loyala-Chicago's (how about those Ramblers!) run to the Final Four. Fordham University's Kelly Bright shined a light on Harvard Women's basketball Team being the FIRST 16th seed to upset an overall 1 seed in 1998, over perennial Pac 12 powerhouse Stanford.

Let's not forget the great women in my community.

Sarah Moyer's article on the importance of Michelle Obama's influence on young girls alike, knowing that they can be, (and continue to be) powerful with the right mindset.

Muhsena Rahman encourages parents alike to raise their daughters as strong Warriors, as she recalls an argument against her aunt about her role as a woman in her family. So, what do all these articles have in common?


Women on Odyssey have been able to publish countless authentic works that have been viewed by millions of people.

Whether the material is kind, boastful, or straight up badass, Odyssey will continue to grow as the super-platform for women empowerment for years to come...and the future of women authors can only become brighter.