Looking for something to do over the summer?

Not like a job or something that is high maintenance. After all, it is summer vacation.

I'm talking about something you can do on your own time, that's productive and has a ton of underground benefits. A summertime hobby that connects you to other college students from West Chester University, and acts as a resource throughout the school year too.

Write On Odyssey.

Odyssey is the online platform where millennials are able to speak their minds and be heard.

Odyssey is more than just writing online and waiting for it to go "viral." Odyssey is becoming more active on your campus, so writing for Odyssey right now is the think to do. Being a creator also gives you valuable social media and writing skills you might not find anywhere else.

If writing for Odyssey interests you...

Come to West Chester University's Odyssey Recruitment Day, May 1st on the QUAD (hosted by APO.)

Our current WCU creators will be able to tell you all about their time with Odyssey, and how it was the most rewarding addition to their lives. You will also have the chance to talk to Odyssey's President about what it means to join our team. We can even interview you on the spot so you can join our team that day!

Do you like free food?

Free food the week before finals? YES.

Coming to this event means learning more about West Chester's Odyssey team. It also means getting free pretzels from the Philly soft pretzels factory, as well as digging in on some other free treats (:

While there will be free food at this event, we hope you get more out of it than a free snack. West Chester's Odyssey wants to get to know you and have you join our team!

So now you're thinking, "I totally need to be at this event."

Don't miss WCU's Odyssey Recruitiment Event on May 1st in the academic quad from 11-2!