As I transition out of EIC and into the president for my Odyssey Community, I have learned lots of things over the years that I was EIC, and I would like to share with you what some of my past and recent creators have done instead of communicating/replying to their EIC.

1. Sharing a Facebook memory

2. Liking a comment I made on their Facebook post

3. Tagging their friends in memes

4. Playing/inviting me to a game on Facebook

5. Snapchatting with friends on campus or on food runs

6. Making an Instagram post/story

7. Reading/seeing your Snapchat stories

8. Responding to the GroupMe about what is trending at the moment

9. Going to events on/off campus that I attend

10. On Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat ranting about your life

11. Listening to Spotify or iTunes and posting the lyrics on social media

These are pretty much all of the ones I have experienced as EIC. While I enjoyed this role, I am excited for what is to come with being president. I love my team, despite their lack of responding sometimes! Hope y’all enjoyed this article.