11 Things Odyssey Creators Do Instead Of Replying To Their EICs

11 Things Odyssey Creators Do Instead Of Replying To Their EICs

Stop doing this, y'all!

As I transition out of EIC and into the president for my Odyssey Community, I have learned lots of things over the years that I was EIC, and I would like to share with you what some of my past and recent creators have done instead of communicating/replying to their EIC.

1. Sharing a Facebook memory

2. Liking a comment I made on their Facebook post

3. Tagging their friends in memes

4. Playing/inviting me to a game on Facebook

5. Snapchatting with friends on campus or on food runs

6. Making an Instagram post/story

7. Reading/seeing your Snapchat stories

8. Responding to the GroupMe about what is trending at the moment

9. Going to events on/off campus that I attend

10. On Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat ranting about your life

11. Listening to Spotify or iTunes and posting the lyrics on social media

These are pretty much all of the ones I have experienced as EIC. While I enjoyed this role, I am excited for what is to come with being president. I love my team, despite their lack of responding sometimes! Hope y’all enjoyed this article.

Cover Image Credit: @daniellecarolan // Instagram

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Read This For The Moments In College You Just Want To Give Up

You got this kid.


Your stress is real. Your stress is valid. There is no reason to feel guilty for feeling overwhelmed when you know everyone else is just as overwhelmed. You feeling overwhelmed and stressed is just as valid.

Yes, it may seem like assignments are never-ending. It may seem like you cannot get all your poop in a bucket. It may seem like you do not have this. But you do.

Because you are strong and you have made it this far. It does not matter if you are in the first weeks of your classes or in the last weeks. You made it this far and you should be proud of yourself for all the work you have done.

Finances may be tight, but know it won't be this way for long. You have a community around you who know finances like the back of your hand and know how to help you make the right money moves. It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to need help. Just breathe, and reach out.

Grades may not be where you want them to be. However, look at the points you have earned and be proud that you have earned points. Look at your future assignments and plan accordingly and be prepared to celebrate your future success.

Take the time to reach out to your professors, even if they seem unapproachable, take a chance. 9 times out of 10 they will be more than happy to assist you and give guidance on how to be successful in their classes. Make sure to utilize your resources your school provides as well (tutoring, academic help center, librarians, friends in your courses, IA's/TA's). It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to need help.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe in for ten seconds and hold your breath. Let it out slowly and know that you are human. You are a human created in the image of our wonderful maker who knows your heart, knows your struggles, knows your situation and knows your worries. And is ready to have you lean into him for rest, peace, and wisdom. All you have to do is ask for his will to be done.

You are smart, no matter what your GPA says. You are qualified to be here. You have the right to your education. You have the power to change your situation. There is always a way out or a way to fix the issue or issues at hand. It simply just is picking up the phone and calling that person for help. It is simply emailing your counselor asking for resources. It is simply talking to that scary professor, who after you speak with, really isn't that scary.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe in for ten seconds and hold your breath. Let it out slowly and know that you are human. Know that you are wanted, you are valued, and you feeling this way is okay. And there is someone out there who wants to hear about your worries and wants to help you.

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Having A Long Distance Bestie Is A Struggle At Times, But Their Friendship Is So Worth It

You may not see them every day or talk to them, but getting to see them after so long is one of the most memorable moments.


When you grow up it's normal to see your best friends every day because you go to school together, and then the weekend comes and you get to hang out and do stupid things all weekend. Then reality hits and you're off to college. Most of the time, you and your best friends won't end up at the same college.

My friend Brittany attends the University of Cincinnati and I'm here at Cleveland State, so obviously we are farther away than we're used to. When she left for college fall of 2017 I was sad because one of my best friends was going to be so far away from me. I wouldn't get to see her every day.

Our friendship was always there and I remember the first time we spoke. I was the new kid at school and we had band together. I played the saxophone, and when I sat down and looked over, Brittany also played the saxophone. We also literally had on the same shirt, but hers was black and mine was pink. From then on we called each other "twin" because we owned the exact same clothes and sometimes we even came to school with the same thing on, not planning it ahead of time.

After the 5 years of friendship from the 8th grade to our senior year of high school, we always knew that even away at college we'd still be just as close and we were. We made it a point to Facetime each other at least once a week to check up on each other and see how school was going and if we made any new friends, and somehow, we did.

It's nice having a best friend that's at a different school because when times are hard you can always pick up the phone and vent and they will always answer. Not only that but, when you get sick of your own school you can road trip to their school for the weekend.

The best thing is when you're both home for break and can spend time together. There is no better feeling than walking into Britt's house during winter break and seeing her after going months without her. The best part is that nothing ever changes. It's always the same. Also, seeing your close friend's family after you went months without seeing them is very rewarding because it's like both their kids are home from college. You get to give them the biggest hug too.

You both carry different lives because now you're growing up and trying to struggle your way through being a broke college kid — finishing your mountains of homework for the week and balancing a social life with your new best friends. That can be hard because your friendship with them isn't the same as it is with your main squeeze from your hometown, but you end up making it work anyways.

One of the most fun parts about your bestie being at a different school is that when you go visit them or they come and visit you, you get to meet all their new friends and they can meet yours and become friends with them too.

You get to see their new way of life and how successful they're becoming. They get to be there with you while you do the same. Although it's hard not having them here with you, they are proud of you and will always be there every step of the way. Plus, you can carry on your traditions for the rest of your life and make new memories with them — even though they're hundreds of miles away.

Brittany, I know I don't get to see you every day anymore and watch you trip over your own feet because you're a clutz, but having you has been a blessing and watching you succeed has been one of the best journeys.

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