An Ode To Wylie, My First Dog And First Boy To Break My Heart

Wylie laid in a corner,

One blue eye, one brown.

Slumped to the kitchen

when he heard me open a snack.

Wylie cried when all four legs,

collapsed from the spine tumor

that had grown on his back, but I

remember when he would get loose

and sprinted faster to the shouts of

us calling out his name behind him.

Wylie quickly became an old soul,

and briskly indulged the euthanasia

shot pinched through his veins. Seconds

before he glanced a beautiful smile.

Shined those eyes at me one more time

with the slightest idea of being dead

Any second. minute. forever.

Wylie did not look sick because

he was happy til his last breath.

Your paw came in the mail a few days later,

They burned you down to every swift bone in

your body. I grabbed belongings and collected

them in a box.

I put it in the corner where Sammy now lays.

His eyes are just blue, and you would’ve probably

hated him taking your place. He holds your energy, your

poise, your elegance. And he likes licking feet.

He's a good guy, but don't let me compare because I love you

both. You have both patched up scars at different parts of

my life that no human could ever cure.

I miss you, Wylie, and it’s gotten so easy to talk about you.

You were our pal since I was 5, and now you’re a running

angel in the clouds that now hold your beautiful peace. I've

started a new journey in my life, but you'll always be the first

boy to have broken my heart.

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