Another Ode to Le-Laf

November is here once again

Meaning you are upon us, my friend

To bring us some holiday cheer

“Fuck Lafayette”’s what you’ll hear

We have mocos and parties all week

To keep up with our 10-night streak

But we all still must go to class

With a hangover kicking our ass

But when classes are done we all know

That over to East Fifth we will go

To chug cups of grain and take shots

For the tradition of Le-Laf won’t stop

And although you may try to stop it

We’re coming to Laf to destroy it

We’re the Patriot Champs, you don’t stand a chance

And you’re our safety school on top of it

So we raise a natty to Lehigh

For it’s you that helps us get by

Because we love you with all of our hearts

We can’t wait for Le-Laf to start

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