Alumni weekend: possibly the most exciting weekend of the year. A time when all your (adult) friends come back and you feel as if nothing has changed from year to year. You feel like college could continue forever. You also think "Wow, I can't wait to be in their shoes and come back and have everyone obsess over the fact that I'm back." (until you realize it requires you going into the real world). So here's a lovely poem I wrote about the loving weekend.

There's a magical time of year

When a full campus will only bring you cheer

The mimosas flow and the beer bottles clink

As you and your friends tailgate and drink

The chilly weather makes its way in

You pull on a sweater and can't help but grin

So many people come to enjoy

The happiness that HC employs

Alumni flow in from through the years

And tell stories of joy and tears

Old teammates are here to remind you of

All the people you miss and love

But that's okay, because this weekend is for

A little memory lane tour

Because the Holy Cross experience

Is definitely not mysterious

We all love our school

I'll just end with "HC RULES!"

So I'm not a poet, and I'd be lying if i didn't say that I believe it's a poem as long as it rhymes, but I believe I have encompassed my feelings of this weekend!