Do you have that one song? I'm not talking about the song that you and your girls dance to at parties or dances, but the song that makes you stay in the car after you park. Or the song that makes you think a little harder, a little deeper. Music has influenced me in ways I cannot even begin to describe. I have gone through many "phases" if you will, throughout my eighteen years, and music has been there following each of my steps from day one. I have to say, this "phase" I'm in right now has to be my favorite.

My music taste jumps around, as I believe everyone's should. It can change your mood in an instant, going from Fleetwood Mac to M83 to Kevin Gates in a thirty minute period. Some of my music recommendations for the October season are below.

1. See You Again - Tyler the Creator

I'm late, I get it. Tyler the Creator has to be one of the most influential artists of our generation. This duet with Kali Uchis has to be one of my favorites ever made. See You Again makes you feel all those feels, especially if you're super single.

2.Archie, Marry Me - Alvvays

This song is for the Riverdale fans out there. Easily my favorite song lately, blasting it every time I get in the car. Alvvays is a band that popped up on my spotify randomly, and after listening to all of their songs, I immediately loved them.

3. 24/7 - The Neighbourhood

Three weeks ago, The Neighbourhood released a flawless EP. Gave me all of my emo Tumblr feelings back, but now with a taste of maturity. 24/7 has to be my favorite off of this EP, making me stop my car and jam as hard as I can for three minutes and forty three seconds.

4. Glory - Bastille

Five Months late, but I must throw in my original band crushes. Bastille is undoubtedly one of the most underrated bands of our time. Each song a symphony of emotion, using sounds and rhythms that make my heart jump. Each time I hear Glory, I am guaranteed to cry, as you will as well. (Watch the video!)

I hope you all listen to these true works of art. Finding new music, being exposed to new genres and expressing yourself with playlists of your favorite tunes is the best thing to share with others.