Ocean Two in Sunny Isles: luxury to be lived in
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Ocean Two in Sunny Isles: luxury to be lived in

Ocean Two in Sunny Isles: luxury to be lived in.

Ocean Two in Sunny Isles: luxury to be lived in

Set on a famous Collins Avenue, the main cultural and entertainment artery of the luxurious man-made barrier island just off South Florida's chores, Ocean Two is the perfect condo complex for this area and is a unique offer on the booming real estate market of Florida. Comprised of two 40-story towers, Ocean Two is towering over almost 500 of pristine South Florida oceanfront and boasts some of the most exceptional amenities and services for its residents this area has to offer. Ocean Two, Sunny Isles Beach is a bit of an exception on the market, as it combines a unique blend of a perfect location, spacious loft-style residences, and a uniquely-crafted approach to each lucky resident. Designed by the prominent Sieger Architectural Partnership, this complex instantly grabs the attention of the passers-by as well as casual viewers of the Miami-area real estate listing websites. Explore Miami Real Estate is a group of real estate professionals who specialize in the Miami-Dade and Broward County markets have found this particular offer one of the best investment opportunities in this area. For the full description of the benefits of the Ocean Two complex, go to their website at: https://exploremiamirealestate.com/sunny-isles-beach/ocean-two/.

Meanwhile, let's find out what makes Ocean Two so outstanding. First of all, it is, of course, its location.

Unmatched location

Nestled between the magnificent waters of the Atlantic Ocean and only steps away from all the entertainment and cultural events Sunny Isles Beach has to offer, this property is far from being dull and uneventful.

Sunny Isles Beach is a very safe and family-friendly area with schools that are above average and an array of places to go to both on the weekend and in the evenings throughout the week. An abundance of schools that rate above average combined with exceptional safety make Sunny Isles Beach an ideal oceanfront community for families with children. Collins Avenue connects all the beach towns tucked in between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic connecting the Ocean Two complex with all the top destinations in the area, from Miami and Miami Beach to the South to Golden Beach to the North and the city of Aventura to the North-West.

Grade-A amenities and services

Ocean Two boats limitless facilities for resort-like lifestyle throughout its masterfully-landscaped 5.11-acre territory. Private beachfront cabanas, heated beachfront pools, children's tot lot, and individual storage facilities are just some of the highlights of what this property has in store. The two-story entertainment center is packed with the best modern equipment for both active and relaxing leisure. The center features media and multi-purpose rooms, a modern fitness center with tennis courts and a top-notch relaxing spa.

Residences with luxurious touches and maximum comfort

A dedicated marble-fitted two-story lobby leads residents and their guests to the lavish impeccably-designed residences with expansive sunrise and sunset terraces. The spacious residences inside feature elegant interior design solutions and two- and three-bedroom floor plans. Each extensive terrace is preceded by a beautiful entry gallery with exquisite coffered ceilings and features floor-to-ceiling windows with shutters as well as unmatched water views that let the magnificent South Florida sunsets and sunrises become a part of the luxurious interior décor. European-style cabinetry is complimented by the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, while the 8'7 1/2"-high ceilings let in as much air and space as you would need to feel calm and relaxed whenever you return home to your beautiful residence. The separate and fully-equipped laundry room and the central air conditioning and heating unit create additional comfort and let residents focus on the stunning surroundings and the impeccable services that are provided by this property.

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