A Day In The Life With My OCD

I wake up, it's 5:06AM.

I set my alarm for 5:15AM, so maybe it's best I lay in bed until then. I think that's when I should. Right? What if I'm wrong and I should just get up now?

I decide it's time to check my phone to avoid thinking about time further.

I go through each app.

Facebook-check notifications, check memories, swipe up, close app.

Twitter-check notifications and most recent posts, swipe up, close app.

Instagram-Look at every story to get every notification gone, scroll down until I recognize the most recent post, swipe up-close app.

Mailbox, 3 new emails-




Skim over rest of mail to make sure it's still important to me. Swipe up and close app.

Open PNC app, make sure I have the same amount of money in my account as I did yesterday. Click on transactions just to make sure nothing looks suspicious, swipe up and close the app.

Open Discover app, make sure no recent charges were made, swipe up and close down app.

Repeat the process once more for PNC and Discover only.

5:16AM-Crap. Missed it. Oh well, 5:20AM will work.

I get up to pee and brush my teeth.

Pee, Flush, Toilet Seat down, Clorox toilet, hand sanitizer, brush teeth, clean sink.

Time to brush my hair, but my hair may get everywhere and I already swept the upstairs and downstairs (like I do every morning).

I should brush my hair outside.

I take a pause from my physical appearance and needs.

I wash the dishes, after I must set them on the drying rack in a way that looks organized to someone walking into my kitchen for the first time.

Clorox the counters,

Wipe down my table,

Get every. Single. Piece. Of. Hair. Of. The. Couch.

(I have 5 dogs).

Push in each couch cushion.






I make sure to touch each one equally.

I see some random hair on the floor-but crap, I just swept.

I get on my hands and knees and slide my fingers across the floor, gathering the hair up.

I throw it away.

Did I make it in the trash? I move both trash cans out from under the cabinet to check again.

I check 3 times every morning.

There are 8 steps to our basement.

I count each as I go down to assure I'm getting the hair off of them all.









Hand sanitizer.

Straighten the pillows.

Run my hand over the furniture.

I see dust, so I must get it all off.

I dust the furniture.

I write down everything I've done so far, this way I can cross each one off.

One thing left-mop floor.

As I mop, I noticed the mop lines are scattered. It doesn't look like I took my time with this, but rather something I was just trying to hurry and get done.

I start over.

Finally the house is clean.

Now I feel better.

It's time to do my makeup.

Foundation, then highlighter, then blush, then eyebrows, then eyeshadow, then eyeliner, then mascara.

I think I skipped highlighter.

Just start over.

I finish my makeup, and as I'm headed out the door, I wonder about the trash. I thought I threw my makeup wipe away, but I don't think I watched it go where I wanted it to go…

So it may not be there at all.

I go back and check the trash.

It was fine-that's my fault. The wipe made it in.

Maybe I should just start checking 4 times now, and not just 3 to make it fair.

As I leave the house, I lock the door. I check the lock three times.

1. (turn left, turn right, pull, push)

2. (turn left, turn right, pull, push)

3. (turn left, turn right, pull, push)


It has been over an hour since I've checked my phone.

There are probably a lot of new notifications.

Before I leave the driveway, I check my phone once more.

Get to work:

Check websites,

Check planner,

Write in planner,

Recheck phone,

Check emails,

Plan out night,

Plan out dinner,

Proceed with work day.

What if you have something on your shirt? And you just walk around all day with something on your shirt without even knowing about it?

You should go look.

I look at myself in the mirror, then turn around and glance back-I'm fine. This is good.

I'll check 4 more times today.

My coworker told me there was a crash on a busy highway-

I text my family.

"Where are you"

"Are you home"

"Answer me"

I don't stop until I know they weren't in the crash.

Maybe I should call just to hear their voice to prove it.

I need to check my phone again.

Leave work at exactly 5.

Get in my car, purse on seat, work badge on dashboard,

Call mom.

Call fiancé.



I repeat any necessary cleaning I need to.

I can finally relax.

I begin to watch TV, until I wonder-

Did I close the door all the way?




Check your phone!

Check the door!

Did you put what you needed to in the trash?

Where is your family?

Clump of dog hair.

Move the trash again.

It's time for bed.

My mind is at ease.



Okay, it's time to proof-read all of this.




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