When Obama ran on the platform of “Change” in 2008 it was the most genius campaign of the century. When he ran on the platform of “Forward,” he was fairly close to the same sort of genius. And he was brilliantly correct. He changed America, he moved us forward.

Obama proved that America could have a black man as president. Thus, he proved all races could be president. He proved black people could have any career they wanted; that America is accepting enough and that black people are powerful enough and capable enough to do anything they wanted. The sky is the limit, and Obama helped crack that glass ceiling a little bit more.

What Obama did in office is not the point. He stood for many things in his political dealings, but even more imperatively he stood for progress. Obama gives minorities hope. Obviously, black people, obviously minority races. However, as a fighting minority himself, he also fought for the forgotten minorities—the LGBTQ community. Legalizing gay marriage, speaking up about bathroom and transgender rights, and simply fighting for-- and making the nation more aware of-- the LGBTQ community. He also fought for women when Planned Parenthood was spiraling outward. Protecting women’s rights, he basically made it so the state could not cut funding for Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics. Obama has fought for equal rights for all people.

As a nation we must continue our progress towards what Obama brought to this country. We must continue to break the glass ceiling, and rise. Obama gave us the tools, and he fought for those clawing at the glass ceiling. He was a model in that he did it politically.

Most of all, Obama has opened the door to comfort and peace of mind. He has created happiness for many who have been looking for it for years. As a role model for America, as a role model for minorities, and as a strong advocate for all people, Obama has brought progress to America. Progress and prosper. Change.