Whenever I write about looking forward to the semester being over, I am almost always met with "Oh so do you regret your major?" or the condescending, "but don't you like nursing?". To which my answer is no I don't regret my major and YES, I LOVE nursing. There are just some things that I am looking forward to doing over the semester recess that I cannot currently do because of nursing school. There is nothing wrong with being excited about a little break and it doesn't mean I love my major any less than the next person.

1. Getting Our Nails Done 

I don't know about your school but our school does not allow us to have our nails done because of lab/clinical and I am so excited to get a manicure after my last nursing final.

2. Sleep 

I know, I know the classic nursing student complaining about how they never get enough sleep but seriously, I'm T I R E D

3. Relax and Not Feel Guilty 

Every time I take anytime for myself I am constantly straddled by the guilt of knowing I have an upcoming exam or care plan I could be working on.

4. Not Chasing Down My Non Nursing Friends 

Sometimes I'm gone for a few hours studying and reappear with a stethoscope in hand begging my friends to let me practice on them just one more time.

5. Spending Time With Family 

I go to school far away from home and don't get to call back as often as I would like too so I am excited to have a couple weeks to spend with the people I love who made it possible for me to go to nursing school in the first place.

6. Sharing Your Nursing Stories 

Especially if you go to school far away from them, your family loves to hear about what you've been up to while you're not with them and it may help them understand why you can't call home that much.

7. Eating Balanced Meals

On the go between class, lab, or clinical, nurses often subsist on coffee and power bars. Even when we do have time to eat, it's in the dining hall which is not knows known for its -optimal- quality. I am so excited to go home and have time and resources to eat real, tasty, homecooked meals

8. Missing Nursing

When your in the trenches, up at 3.A.M for the third night in a row studying for yet another exam this week, it can sometimes lead to a loss of persepctive of why we are here. When we go home and get a little break, it gives us the time and energy, along with perspective to remember why we are in it and to be excited to go back .