You just get the news that two events are happening on the same day.

One event is an opportunity that may or may not come again, that will only provide you with a short term accomplishment. Plus, it’s a first time experience.

The other event is one that is going towards working for a long term goal you’ve set for your future. This event helps you take the next step. If you don’t attend this, you’ll fall behind on completing the long term achievement.

Which do you choose?

I used to think there was only one option: pick the long term goal for the future. While that may certainly be the choice at times, sometimes it might be ok to go for the opportunity that is short term but a chance you may never get again. After all, is missing out going to make you happy even while choosing your future?

For example, is attending a concert more important than studying for an exam? Probably not, since in this case your future is counting more on your grade on the exam. But, what if it’s your sister’s wedding versus a once in a lifetime violin performance at a prestigious orchestra hall? Wouldn’t you choose the first?

It’s not easy to say that there’s always one clear choice. It really depends on the situation and the person. As a college student, I’ve had to make a lot of these choices, and sometimes I’ve made the wrong choice. But, I’ve ultimately learned from those experiences and have made other right choices because of it. I’ve talked to friends who would choose the exact opposite choice as me, but does that mean either of us are wrong? I guess that everyone has a right and wrong option, though those may not be the same for any two people.

In life, I’m sure these options will be presented to me in various ways. I’m sure I’ll make choices I regret along the way. But in those risks are life lessons too. I can only hope to learn from my faults and choose the options I know will give me the most perspective, even if it’s the wrong one.