Last week, we had costumes on, consumed a ridiculous amount of alcohol, or slipped into a self-induced sugar coma from all the candy. This week Christmas trees, wreaths, and mistletoe are being hung.

Here's are six reactions you'll see throughout November:

Cheaper candy

One of my personal favorites because I can indulge in several bags of Twix for less than $5. Or the fact that I can stash candy for the entire year without spending a whole paycheck.


The diehard Christmas fanatics will start celebrating as soon as they hand out the last piece of candy on October 31st, but most won't recognize that Christmas begins until after Black Friday shopping ceases.

It's time to start planning for food

Let's be honest though when you try to plan who is going to bring what, there will be doubles and you won't complain because more leftovers are better.


So the leftovers may not be as plentiful as you expected because you've now stuffed yourself, and your family has as well.

Black Friday

Need I explain more? Why try to save a few dollars on the hot item?

The typical response

This is your typical response, but for those who are eager to skip to Christmas jump the gun about 30 days in advance.