On November 1, You realize that the holidays are finally approaching and feel the end of the semester coming. All you want is for your month off to come faster.

On November 3, You realize just how many deadlines there are between you and holiday break. Three exams, a research paper, and a presentation separate you and holiday cheer.

On November 11, You're not sure how it happened but syllabus week has turned into drafting final papers. Who let you do this whole 'college' thing anyway?

On November 20, You sign up for next semester classes and realize this is going to start all over again in January. Registration will never go perfectly. Never.

On November 26, You can finally leave for Thanksgiving and real food. All you can think about is having your own room again and a week of home-cooked meals.

On November 30, You are confronted by the fact that finals start next week. It's all happening so fast.