Here on campus at Villanova, everything has a tradition, nickname, or purpose. From the second you step on campus it is expected of you to absorb the Nova Nation attitude and embrace it with all that you have. If you are a Villanova student, chances are you probably did.

But here are 5 of the Villanova landmarks you are probably calling the wrong name. And yes, you may have been taught these from the very start.

1. The Pit

The dining hall that everyone profusely hates on? Even though it's not much different than the other two? Yeah. That's actually Dougherty Hall. (Also home to another location of slang... Cova.)

2. The Spit

Did you really think I'd go anywhere else with this one?

Aaah. The Freshman Spit days that we all miss... In Donahue hall that is.

3. The Exchange

If you're on any other college campus, this location may sound super sketchy, but here at Nova the Exchange just means killer sandwiches. But don't forget it's actually the *Curley Exchange.*

4. The Oreo

Aka the heart of campus. But what we're all referring to is the statue named "The Awakening." Don't worry, I think it looks much more like an Oreo, too.

5. The Oreo, Part 2

If you refer to the area surrounding the Oreo as the Oreo also, you're off again. The grassy circle is actually named the Riley Ellipse.

Who knew?

6. The Pavilion

So long are the days of the Pavilion. If we'd like to appreciate the insane donation to get our new stadium up and running, we will all need to get used to calling it the Finneran Pavilion.

Okay so maybe you're not getting these all wrong. In fact, maybe we're the ones that are right. Regardless, I wouldn't have Nova any other way. Nicknames and all.