Anyone with access to the Internet knows that the Notre Dame caught fire last week, causing partial damage to the cathedral.

While the occurrence is certainly a tragic one, I've definitely never seen people rush so fast to discuss their European vacations and what this one building meant to them. Let me repeat - this one building.

I've been to the Notre Dame myself, and sure, it was 'cool.' There's so much history contained in that building. Disney made an adorable movie out of its existence.

But people - it's a building for crying out loud! So you've been to Paris? Fantastic!

People are dying, Sharon. I really don't care about your week in Paris in 2013 when somehow we still don't have a cure to cancer in 2019.

I saw a tweet about how millions of dollars have already been donated towards the rebuilding of the historical landmark. Millions of dollars? Already? That's cute, but I feel like those millions could definitely go elsewhere… Such as towards saving lives!

While there is not one cause in specific I lean towards promoting, and I do respect that human beings have united and comforted one another in wake of this event in Paris, I do think the surge of pictures and memories on social media have pointed out our skewed focuses. Maybe we should care less about buildings that can so easily be rebuilt and care more about human lives that can't be restored.

A lot of people took a tragedy and saw it as an opportunity for personal gain.

How did the burning of Notre Dame affect you?

What's your focus on?