To The Recovering Perfectionist: There Is Nothing Wrong With You

To The Recovering Perfectionist: There Is Nothing Wrong With You

All my crazy qualities have been (and will continue to be) leveraged for my success.

Brittany Greve

I’m Brittany Greve. And I am a recovering perfectionist.

I am ridiculously hard on myself.

I can often find myself: Getting into my head about how something I’ve created could be different/better. Becoming irritated for not starting on something ahead of time and waiting to the last minute. Telling myself that some innate quality within is wrong or harming me, or will stop me from continuing to success and should be changed immediately.

And then I do this…

I bring myself back home.

I realize that my imperfectness was given to me perfectly. And that all my crazy Brittany Greve qualities have been (and will continue to be) leveraged for my success.

Let’s be real.

I’m the girl who:

– On any given day has NO idea where her keys, credit card, or purse are.

– Does everything at the very last minute — from designing a school project the night before it's due, to packing for a trip an hour and a half before a flight.

– Does not believe in waking up before 10 a.m.

– Has not mastered the whole controlling the volume of her voice thing.

– Makes a mess in a matter of seconds without having any idea how she made a mess.

– Is early to EVERY single thing ever. Like every single thing. Every day.

– Has fallen asleep with an open pen/food item in bed with her more times than can be counted.

– Cries almost every day. Even if it’s just at a really moving commercial.

Let’s tell the truth:

All the things that are “wrong” with you are more than likely the things that make you perfect for what you are here on earth to do.

The late, messy, disorganized, loud, intense, emotional, slightly lazy, absent-minded hot mess that I am… allows me to be the passionate, innovative, creative, bold as fuck, figure-it-out, open-minded, way out-of-the-box, obsessed with my clients, in love with my work, work-smarter-not-harder, watch-me-do-it-my-way, the make-it-happen-now hot mess that I need to be for this shit to work.

So listen to me:

If your job or education feels like a slow painful death. If you are bored or purposeless… Life may be requiring you to make your own way.

You are perfect the way you are. Stop beating yourself up. Play to your strengths. Find a way to work your “weaknesses” into your advantages. Choose to see your “flaws” differently. You are fine. You are good enough. You are the ways you are ON PURPOSE. There is nothing wrong with you.

And, if you can’t get-it-together or don’t fit in… then good. That means you were born to stand out and make a way for yourself. So, go do that.

I mean it.

So when I see entrepreneurs attempting to perfect every inch of their product/offer/service instead of trusting in the beauty of what they have created and what they are here to give and just PUTTING IT OUT THERE….

Or when I notice that I am being hard on myself about something that I could have done differently/better… I have to hold up the BULLSHIT! card.

I am enough. And so are you.

It’s truly enough.

More passion. Less perfection.

More trusting. Less worry.

More fun with our work. Less anxiety.

More love for what we do. Less analyzing if it’s good enough.

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