Nothing Beats Your Actual Family

I remember in high school thinking that my parents were the most embarrassing people I could be around like any other kid. I also remember wanting to hang out with my friends more than I ever would with my siblings.

I graduated high school almost four years ago and things have definitely changed.

Yes, I can look back on the fact that sometimes my parents were embarrassing, or that sharing a bathroom with my brothers didn't exactly make me want to hang out with them more. But then I left and only saw them during breaks. I started to miss everything about my house. From my mom trying to get me to quilt, to my dad playing "Clash of Clans," to my brothers wrestling in the living room, all the way to our dogs barking at absolutely nothing. There's an inherent craziness that only your family knows about and that's part of what's so relaxing about going home.

When I moved off-campus I found myself wanting to just see my family more. I would use my free match tickets that I get for being a wrestling manager for my dad and little brother so they could come watch (and hopefully feed me after). I got my older brother to come pick me up when my family was getting a puppy the next day and again when I had a few days off from work. I honestly feel like I just made more of an effort to fit time in for my family.

In college, you create your own family. Whether it's from work, a sports team, a student organization, or just the people you live with you do what everyone says is impossible: you choose your family. I could name you everyone I've met in college who I wouldn't give up for the world, but my actual family is and will always be at the top of that list.

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