I think people are often under the impression that being stubborn is related to being negative in some way. I understand that it all can depend on the situation, however, sometimes I see myself being accused of being stubborn when really I am just standing up for what I believe is deserved.

I am nothing special, and that's okay. I have not done anything to change the world, I will leave one day and the earth will keep spinning like it always has and always will. What some may consider an accomplishment will sadly just be a mediocre expectation I had bestowed upon myself. What I hope to leave is the knowledge that I relentlessly sought out happiness for myself even though the terms of that were sometimes costly.

I am strong because I have to be, because if I'm not strong for myself, how can I expect anyone else to be? I am strong because I was kicked down for too long, not to rise up to a tough occasion. I am strong because even though it kills me a little more every day, I am doing what I believe is best for me.

I am not stubborn for using the silent treatment. I am strong for knowing that nothing I have to say right now will make things better and any words that come out of my mouth will still be backed by hurt feelings, angry jabs, and the truth that no one ever wants to hear.

I am strong because I believe that my happiness, well being, and peace of mind are worth fighting for. I am strong because this world taught me to be strong. I am strong because if I wasn't, I would have the same sense of entitlement that I have worked so hard to get away from.

I am not stubborn for continuing to live my life to the fullest in the midst of the chaos. Smiling and trying to be happy among all the bullshit does not make me stubborn. I am not stubborn for refusing to fall into a trap of guilt that will lead back to the same pain that you made so easy to walk away from.

I am strong because one day it will not only be my heart that I have to guard and I will be damned if I ever subject my family to the same grievances that I was exposed to for so long.

If not apologizing for the sake of moving on, whether or not it is my place to say sorry or not, makes me stubborn, then so be it. But it is my strength that gets me up every morning knowing that it's just another day that I am not going to be a part of that life. It is my strength that tells me it's okay, and I did all I could do. It is my strength that has gotten me this far, not my stubbornness.