I Don't Feel Safe Anymore And I Blame America

When I was 13, I saw a guy point a gun at another kid while I was at the movies.

A month ago, I watched someone do a random drive-by on my friend’s parked car.

Two weeks ago, I walked into a graduation — a stadium packed with thousands — and my first thought was one of fear that something could happen.

Everywhere we go, we think we feel safe: church, concerts, school, clubs, and the movies. Looking at America’s past, it’s easy to start to feel unsafe.

Of the ten deadliest mass shootings in America, over half have occurred within the past ten years.

Deep inside of me, there’s the fear that anywhere I go now, something could happen. It’s America’s lack of change that keeps the fear alive.

It doesn’t matter what anyone believes the cause of our nation’s gun problem is. The fact is, very little seems to have been done to prevent this from happening again.

When a shooting happens, the area instantly tightens security. Everyone has their eyes peeled for a sign of a threat, and nothing is taken lightly anymore.

After the recent attack in Santa Fe, Houston area schools literally changed overnight. Every local news station has been reporting on which districts are on high alert, what changes have been made to better security, which precautions districts are taking to prevent similar attacks. There are change in the schools around Houston, but what about other schools across the country?

What precautions are being made to prevent something from happening in the town of Des Plaines, Illinois?

What are we doing to do to keep something from happening at places outside of schools?

Why are we not changing anything?

It's society and government staying silent and only giving "thoughts and prayers" that's keeping the fear inside of me alive. It's no one taking action to protect everyone that's keeping people afraid.

No one deserves to feel unsafe.

Something, anything, needs to happen to make sure not just students, but every person in this nation is saved from being a part of a body count.

We make a lot of talk, we offer a lot of condolences, but we're still facing this issue in our nation. As it becomes more frequent, it's time we find solutions.

It might take time to find something that can be agreed upon and work, but right now, something is better than nothing.

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