Just Because You're A Nice Guy Doesn't Mean I Like You

"Nice guys finish last." Sure, it's a statement I've heard multiple times, but just because it's been said doesn't mean it's true. The idea that girls prefer to date assholes over nice guys has been ingrained in our minds for years, and it's about time that this idea ended.

For some reason, self-proclaimed "nice guys" believe they don't get girls because they're too caring and affectionate when it comes to relationships. I call BS. Just because a guy treats me with respect and I accept that respect doesn't mean I like him. And I shouldn't be obligated to.

Since when did manners and common courtesy translate into a "you're supposed to like me now"? I am in charge of my own feelings, and that includes choosing who I like and don't like, regardless of that individual's expectations.

People need to start getting comfortable with rejection. If I don't reciprocate your feelings, it doesn't make me a bad person. There's nothing wrong with feeling upset about the situation, but it's not my fault for making a decision based on my feelings. If I don't like you, then that's it. End of story.

And the problem with this "nice guy" label is the entitlement it gives men. Going out of your way to do kind things for someone is admirable, but shouldn't serve as your reasoning for why a girl should like you. Furthermore, blaming your rejection on the fact that you are a so-called "nice guy" is even more problematic.

It's a theme common in several popular TV shows including "Friends" and "How I Met Your Mother." Characters like Ross and Ted pity themselves for not receiving love due to their kind nature, rather than actually assessing the situation as it is.

New flash: the reason for me not liking you back is NOT that you're a nice guy. It's simply because I don't possess romantic feelings for you. And that should be enough of a reason for you to move on instead of trying to make me feel bad for not feeling a certain way about you.

Relationships work only when feelings are mutual and the two people involved are on the same page. Attempting to force feelings or guilt someone into feeling a certain way is not only unfair but also incredibly manipulative. Ladies, you don't owe a guy anything, regardless of the way they feel towards you. And fellas, there's more to being a nice guy than simply proclaiming that you are.

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