It's Okay To Not Be Ready To Move Out, But Remember, It's Totally Fine If You Are

I know it's hard to decide if you're ready to pack all of your things and leave the place you've lived for 19 years. I live fifteen minutes away from the college I attend, University of Milwaukee, and still decided to live in the dorms these past two semesters.

Next semester, I plan on renting an apartment with two of my best friends. Yes, this was a hard decision and it wasn't an immediate yes from me. My best friend sent me the link to the website that had pictures of the apartment, he told me the rent per month, and I automatically said, "nope, not happening."

I am a full time student and work a part time retail job, my only thought was, "there's no way I can afford this." Then, I decided to click on the apartment link and fell in love. In that moment, I was willing to do anything to live in this apartment; it was my absolute dream apartment.

I told myself I need to be responsible. I didn't want to depend on others to help me pay rent. I wanted to prove to not only my parents and the rest of my family that I could do it, but most importantly myself. I spent a week applying at every job hiring in my city, and received an amazing offer at a company that has an amazing mission, and I am extremely proud to say I am a new employee there.

When you want something so much, you will have to make sacrifices. I plan on working two jobs both during the school year in the summer to save enough money. It is important to realize that moving out takes a lot of responsibility, and you have to make sure you are financially stable enough to do this on your own.

It's okay to realize you aren't ready as well. If you want to live with your parents while your in school, do it. If you cannot handle the stress of working and going to school, it's totally okay to take your time in order to save money and stabilize yourself.

Do not expect your parents to pay for everything. Make sure when you bring up the idea of moving out, you have a financial plan created in order to explain to your parents that you're responsible enough to move out on your own.

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