I'm Not Picky When It Comes To Dating, I Just Have Standards

I'm Not Picky When It Comes To Dating, I Just Have Standards

I'm single because the right person hasn't come along yet. ​​​

I've had guys slide into my DMs, swipe right on Tinder, and had a few ask me out on dates. I've also have my fair share of being involved in a few relationships. However, none of that has ever mattered to me as I prefer to get to know person for who they are rather than adding to my body count.

Maybe it is an old school way of looking at love and relationships, but I do have standards when it comes to potential significant others. Along those lines, I do believe in having some sort of connection. That's not to be confused with believing everyone has a soulmate.

Sure, I go on dates to get to know a person more, but that initial spark I feel sometimes is a huge indicator in how I genuinely feel.

There is nothing wrong with having standards.

For a majority of high school, I didn't date. There were guys I had crushes on here and there, but nothing serious. The guys who tried to get me to date them simply were not my type.

Like I said, I do not care for someone's physique or body count. To me, what is important is the personality of the individual. Often, someone may be considered attractive from the outside until you get to know their inside - the "fuck boy."

I want someone who doesn't necessarily have the same goals, but shares the same drive and motivation to accomplish what they want in life. I want someone who is going to challenge me to be my very best while letting me learn and grow with them. I'm only 18, almost 19. Marriage is the very last thing I'm thinking about. Of course, like mentioned, I want someone whose personality matches well with mine on a spiritual and intellectual level.

That is one of the reasons why I didn't date. As long as I can remember, I've had big city dreams and wanted to get away from my small hometown. All the boys that came into my life were either concerned with hooking up or wanting to settle down.

I'm sorry, but I'm worth more than just friends with benefits or playing the role as someone's little wife at the age of 18.

I'm single because the right person hasn't come along yet.

The best advice I've gotten about dating comes from my mother: "Dating is like an ice cream shop. You'll never know your favorite flavor unless you try them all."

I haven't been on this planet for that long, of course I'm not going to have a clue just yet on who I really want to spend the rest of my life with. I hardly know what I'm doing tomorrow.

For now, I'm casually dating and trying to find traits in individuals I want while hoping to find all of them in one person. If I end up marrying that person someday, great. If I don't but I am committed to that person, also great. All that matters to me in the end is if I'm happy with whoever I'm with.

I know I will eventually find someone who makes me happy in all sorts of ways. They are out there. I know my worth, so I'm just waiting for someone who sees that rather than how society has been pushing "relationship goals" or what a relationship is meant to look like.

I'm not going to settle for anything less.

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6 Important Must Knows For Dating Sassy And Sarcastic Girls

Brace yourselves boys, she's a tough one.

Dating a girl with a big personality can be tricky. They are some of the most amazing girls but to keep them, one needs to understand them. Here are six important things you must be aware of before you give your heart to a sassy and sarcastic girl.

1. Stubborn

She is going to be the most stubborn creature you will ever meet. I say "creature" because she might actually scare you with how much she refuses to back down until you have full proof she is wrong. And if you can’t prove her wrong, just suck up your pride and let her be right or she’ll never quit. But just remember that she’s simply passionate about whatever it is and you should be proud of her for that.

2. Bluntness

She is going to be blunt. So be prepared to hear the truth. She isn’t going to care how mad you get, if you’re being rude, she won’t be afraid to put you in your place. If your choice of clothing isn’t matching, she’ll tell you. Whatever it is, she isn’t going to keep the truth from you. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes she’s just a little too straightforward.

3. Sensitivity

Be careful sometimes with your choice of words. Though she is blunt, she is also sensitive. Her sarcastic personality is sometimes just a defense mechanism because she fears opening up. She worries a lot and continues to ponder the things you say. Remind her she is loved.

4. Friends

She is going to have a lot more guy friends than she will have girl friends. Why? Because guys tend to find more humor in her sarcasm and don’t take it so personal, whereas other girls take it as she’s being serious and just rude. However, don’t be jealous because trust me, you’re 100 percent hers and those guy friends are just that — friends.

5. Insults

She’s not going to flirt with you by giggling and blushing and calling you cute. She’s going to call you an idiot and smack you across the shoulder or back because to her, that’s easier than being all giddy and speechless over how much she likes you. And even when she’s calling you names, which really is in all fun and games, she doesn’t mean it seriously, she’s actually just saying “I love you” in her own special language.

6. Shorty

If she’s short in addition to being sassy and sarcastic, you’re in for a big treat with her. She is not only going to be full of fast wit, but she is going to have so much spunk in her you won’t know what to do. She will be so feisty that she won’t be afraid of anything or anyone and you yourself won’t even know how to handle her. That’s what makes her special.

It takes a certain type of person to be able to give their heart to someone who can so easily break it with their strong headed personality. But a sarcastic and sassy girl is going to be the one girl who is going to love you with all that she has. Treat her right, and she’ll treat you right.

Cover Image Credit: Larisa Birta

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To The Friend I Rarely See Anymore

I wish you nothing but the best.


When we graduated high school, we thought it was the end for us. The distance would ruin us and we wouldn't be able to call ourselves friends. Thankfully, you were my rock for the first year of school. You were the one I turned to when the adjustment was hard or when I needed someone to talk to and just listen. We never lost our connection for a whole year. We proved that nothing could pull us apart no matter how far the distance, no matter the different schedules. We were still best friends.

Another summer came and we only got stronger. We went on countless beach trips, late night hangouts, and Starbucks runs. I didn't even think it was possible to be this much closer to you than we already were. If we weren't together, we would Snapchat or text to never stop the conversation.

Now summer ended, we didn't think twice about losing our connection this time. We had a bond stronger than anyone could fathom. We once again went our separate ways and kept our texting and Snapchat habits.

But something changed.

It must've been the comfort level of sophomore year. It must've been all the new friends we got. It must have been the boys who entered our lives. We don't speak anymore. I haven't seen you since winter break. I haven't texted you since New Year's Eve. Our connection, one that was once thought to be indestructible, came crumbling down with sophomore year. I am not going to lie, sophomore year was the best of my life, but I knew you were missing the whole time. It wasn't the same without you.

I'm not upset you chose to focus your time and life on your new boyfriend. I am happy for you. I am not upset you spend more time with your school friends. I am happy for you. I am not upset you don't text me anymore and killed our streak. I know you're living a happy life. And I am too.

We may have gone our separate ways like we never imagined, but I am happy you are finally happy. Don't forget for one second that I will always be here for you. I will still always answer your text. I will still always be your shoulder to cry on even when no one else is there for you. I wish you nothing but the best, and I hope you're doing ok.

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