Dear body,

From a past of unconsented crimes, you were stolen from me. I never had a choice in what was supposed to be mine.

If someone wants you, they choose whether or not they will listen to you say no, as the past has shown. However, the present reveals that many more guys will not listen to you than you previously thought.

A persistent male proves to want you and will do whatever it takes to get you. But after they get you, they will use you and throw you away.

A $100 bet was made about you cheating to get with another guy. He will "make it happen" for the sake of money.

You are worth $100, my body.

It seems, in this world, for every one person respecting another's wishes, another ten people don't.

I know that you will never be the same. Thanks to these guys.

One day, you will stop thinking you are worthless.

One day, the crying nights will cease.

One day, you'll find the one in a million that can cure you of the irreversible disease all of these males have forced on you.

I hope.

Until then, try your best to be safe. As safe as you can be in a man's world of force.

Yours broken,