Not in a Relationship On New Years? Don't Worry!

It's very common to kiss someone on New Year's when the clock strikes midnight. It's a new year so it's time to celebrate, right? Not all of us have the luxury of a significant other to kiss on New Year's whether they just aren't there to celebrate with, or we don't have one. But don't fret--there are many other people and things that you can kiss on New Year's!

1. Your Pet--Ok, I know some of us kiss our pets all the time, but on New Year's it can be all the more special! Our pets give us so much happiness year round so celebrate them and give them a smooch when the clock strikes midnight. (That is, if they won't scratch or try to bite you when you do that. Ahem, my cat).

2. Your Friends--A kiss on the cheek for you friends is a great way to ring in the New Year! They have been with you through thick and thin the last year so celebrate them! It also makes for some really cute pictures to post on social media (because who doesn't want to share their love for their friends?)

3. A Stranger--Ok, though I wouldn't personally do this, I know that it is a common thing to do. If you feel comfortable enough to do this (probably from a few too many drinks), then go ahead and kiss them. What's it gonna hurt and now you have a story to tell friends.

4. A Crush--This could be the perfect time to confess to your crush that you like them. And if they feel the same way back, it could make for a great kiss to celebrate the New Year with.

5. Your Family--If you're with your family on New Years, go ahead and share your New Year's kiss with them. They have been with you your whole life and it can be a great way to express how much you love them.

6. Yourself--And at the end of the night, when you're looking at yourself in the mirror, (probably a little bit tired and a lot a bit tipsy), blow yourself a kiss in the mirror because you are amazing and if anyone needs a kiss from yourself on New Year's it's yourself. (That made sense right?)

So instead of wallowing on New Year's that you have no one to kiss, remember that you have so many options. Have a happy New Year's Eve and may the odds of kissing someone or something, be ever in your favor.

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