I am from Kansas. Life is... boring but simple. As I like to say it's:

“A good place to grow up in but as soon as you're old enough to make your own decisions get the f@*k out . :)"

Yikes that was harsh. And my sentiment is not shared by every young person in Kansas. However, I simply cannot imagine personally being content with staying in one place your entire life. In Kansas, there really is not much to do, so being so brave, I chose to expand my comfort zone and venture to USC. I have found myself becoming more and more interested in the world and the diversity of opportunities presented to me the longer I am not in Kansas. 🍵

I have been lucky to be presented the opportunity to live in LA for the summer due to my sister being a real human and getting an internship, and I am looking forward to seeing if it really lives up to the hype.

In LA, there is anything and everything you have ever imagined. There is food that is actually this beautiful:

Nothing like that exists in Kansas. Here you have some of the most diverse, gorgeous and incredible offerings of food and activities that there are.

However. The issues I've run into?

I cannot find a job for a part-time student in my area.

I will not have a car for a month.

Okay. Now this sounds like a Buzzfeed type of thing, but I am going to challenge myself to A. Find a job or a purpose of some sort and B. figure out how to survive in a decently affordable and safe manor in LA. So, this article serves as an introduction to my adventures as a college student moving from simple Kansas to whatever adjective you would describe LA.

My plans?

Learn Italian. Practice French. Learn how to cook. How to skateboard. And paint.

Next week I will update on what it's like to live in LA without a car... and without purpose. :(

Till next time!